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Clinical Studies — UV-C Radiation

1. Ultraviolet Light C on the Treatment of Chronic Wounds with MRSA.
   - A Case Study

"...UV-C treatment was found to reduce bacterial load and facilitate healing."

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2. Effect of Ultraviolet Light C on Bacterial Colonization in Chronic Wounds

"A single UV-C treatment of 180 seconds significantly reduces the relative amount of bacteria in several different types of chronic wounds, including pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers and arterial ulcers."

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We wish to thank Ostomy Wound Management and the authors for making these two reports freely available.

The titles of additional clinical reports can be found in the bibliographies of these clinical studies.

The UV-C lamp used in these two clinical studies is physically the same lamp and has the same characteristics as the Thera-Wand Model C-100 Ultraviolet-C Treatment Lamp.

3. Clinical Study of Ultraviolet in Various Skin Conditions. Robert B. Taylor
Physical Therapy.

"Phototherapy with short wave ultraviolet light in the 2.54 nm band is a useful aid in the treatment of superficial infected dermatoses of the skin."

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