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Clear Bacterial Infection with the Germicidal

Thera-Wand Model C-100 Ultraviolet C Treatment Lamp

Thera-WandTM Model C-100 Ultraviolet C Treatment Lamp

Thera-Wand is Effective
       For clearing infections from the wound bed, including antibiotic-resistant strains such as MRSA, VRE and HDM-1.

Thera-Wand Increases Microcirculation
      Stimulates the surrounding area to help induce a healing response.

Three Treatments per Week
Effectively eliminate pathogens, stimulate cellular proliferation and provide a mild debridement to reduce eschar.

The bactericidal ultraviolet "C" (UV-C) treatment program is an adjunctive therapy for reducing and eliminating bacterial bio-burden that can impede wound healing.  This method of treatment is consistent with wound care best-practice guidelines. It is an important and cost-effective modality for clearing a wound of surface infection. Unlike topical antiseptics that can inhibit wound healing, the effects of the germicidal UV lamp are all positive.


You don't need to choose a compromise between wound healing response and infection control. The Thera-Wand provides a mild positive stimulation effect while its germicidal properties work to disrupt and eliminate the infection.

Use the Thera-WandTM for:

  • Infected Wounds with Poor Circulation
    UV-C radiation at therapeutic levels is an important adjunct to antibiotic medications. Systemic antibiotics often do not reach the infected wound tissues because of poor circulation at the wound site. The antibacterial characteristic of the UV-C wand makes it effective in treating chronic wounds. UV-C therapy can be given concurrently with systemic antibiotics.

  • Antibiotic-Resistant Species
    Even where sensitivity testing has shown resistance of the colonizing species to specific antibiotics, the germicidal UV lamp can efficiently kill these strains of bacteria. In particular, UV-C is effective in eliminating all species of drug-resistant infection including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), New Delhi metallo Escherichia coli (NDM-1 producing) and lactamase-producing Pseudomonas aeuginosa (HDM-1). Superbugs, including MRSA are becoming increasingly prevalent, and interfere with wound healing.

  • First Line Therapy
    For combating developing infections and associated skin problems.

  • Replacement for Topical Antimicrobials
    Topical antiseptic agents have been shown to be toxic to granulating tissue and are not recommended by most wound-care committees. UV-C radiation therapy clears infections. Its actinic photochemical effect provides a mild inflammatory response and stimulation reaction to help increase local blood flow and accelerate wound healing.

More Features of UV-C Wound Healing Therapy

At higher exposure levels, UV-C provides a soft debridement to help disintegrate eschar that can inhibit wound closure.

The Thera-Wand is the ideal unit for applying UV-C radiation. It is supplied as a single wand unit, type V-254, with an ON-OFF switch and 2 m (6.5 ft.) power cord. UV-C radiation is not associated with skin cancer.

TheraWand Antibacterial UV-C Treatment Lamp

Full Information
A three-hour familiarization and training guide, a detailed Operator's Manual, and a physician's prescribing information sheet are shipped with each Thera-Wand so that you can quickly implement the UV-C Thera-Wand therapy at your facility.

Operator Qualifications

The hand-held Thera-WandTM is essentially very easy and straightforward to use. Direct the lamp onto the infected area, and it completely eradicates all bacteria on the irradiated wound, while mildly stimulating the granulation tissue.

In a nursing home, hospital or home care setting, Thera-Wand is normally used by a registered nurse (RN) or physiotherapist on orders from a wound specialist, physician or physiotherapist.

You will want to understand the treatment more thoroughly to administer the optimal dose while using the lamp safely.

We recommend the following operator training: (1) Training in wound care and (2) Completion of the supplied self-training program.



For UV-C therapy, why choose Thera-Wand?

  1. Higher radiation intensity. Typical exposure is 30 to 90 seconds per treatment, depending on wound complexity.

  2. Portable and compact

  3. Detailed user's manual

  4. Training guide

  5. Prescribing information sheet for physicians

The biological effect of germicidal ultraviolet radiation and the treatment parameters for wound healing are well understood. The Thera-Wand can be used where basic methods have been ineffective. Recently published clinical studies have documented the bactericidal and wound healing effectiveness of UV-C radiation therapy.

SPECIFICATIONS Model C-100 Thera-Wand Ultraviolet-C Treatment Lamp

Radiation Output

Single wavelength 254 nm Ultraviolet "C" (UV-C), non-ionizing

Output Intensity

4 mW/cm2 nominal

Therapeutic Dose

120 to 360 millijoules/cm2 (typical)

Exposure Time

30 to 90 s (typical)

Treatment Frequency

3 times per week or at dressing changes, until bacteria-free

Course of Treatment

2 to 3 weeks (typical)

Height Above Wound

2.54 cm (1 inch) working distance (typical)

UVC Blocking Goggles

Supplied. Required by operator and patient


One enclosed UV-C, low-pressure, mercury-vapour tube

Electrical Safety

Certified to CSA requirements for medical use


120 V 60 Hz, 0.16 A,  or 230 V 50 Hz, 0.12A.   For 230 V model, specify plug type.


730 g  (1.6 lb.)


One year, excluding tube which has a typical service life of 75 hours

Replacement Lamp Tube

Part Number BG100

Medical Safety and Efficacy

Listed by Health Canada as a Class II medical device.  Licence 88512.

Thera-Wand is a trademark of BIOMATION

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About Billing Codes
Generally, the Thera-Wand is an adjunct to the dressing change procedure. It significantly reduces the amount of drainage from excess bio-burden. The small extra time in applying the lamp is offset by the time saved in handling the excess drainage. The Thera-Wand will accelerate the healing time and increase the number of successful outcomes.

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Thera-Wand Model C-100 is a replacementfor the Derma-Wand UV-C lamp which is discontinued.

The Thera-Wand is well suited to the objectives of the High Intensity Needs Program (pdf) in Ontario.

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