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With the right equipment and the right therapeutic modalities you can successfully heal ulcers and wounds in the clinic and in home treatment.  With our clinical products, BIOMATION can supply your facility with a full range of instrumentation, according to your needs, to make your assessment and treatment tasks progress more effectively, easier and faster. 


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UV-C radiation is effective for clearing infections from the wound bed, including antibiotic resistant strains such as MRSA and VRE.  Stimulates the surrounding area to help increase blood flowAt higher exposure levels, UV-C provides a soft debridement to help disintegrate eschar that can inhibit wound closure.

Portable Electrical Stimulators
A pulsed electric current is effective in stimulating tissue to produce healing during all phases of the healing process.

Elpha II 3000
Effective for clearing infections from the wound bed, including antibiotic resistant strains such as MRSA.  Stimulates the surrounding area to help induce a healing response.

The modified monophasic waveform delivers constant pulsed DC current which is compensated by short-circuiting the electrodes after each pulse, allowing the current to flow back into the device rather than accumulating in the tissue.  This minimizes the ion build up that causes skin breakdown in standard galvanic units while providing the therapeutic value associated with pulsed DC current.

Circulator Boot
A cardio-synchronous compression system that increases blood flow to treat chronic wounds and pain in the feet and legs.  The Circulator Boot is the primary technique used by clinicians to produce healing of diabetic foot ulcers and to avoid amputation.

If you are looking for healing and wellness, we have a product for you.

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