Portable Electrical Stimulators

Pulse Stim 240
PulseStim 240™
HVPC Stimulator

Pulsed electric direct current is effective in stimulating tissue to produce healing during all phases of the healing process. Ideal for treating non-healing chronic wounds.

PulseStim 240™

The Pulse-Stim 240 is a compact single-channel stimulator for wound healing and for home treatment of pain and poor blood circulation. Its two active output leads can be used for continuous stimulation, or alternating between the two leads.


  • Output Channel: Two active outputs, one dispersive return
  • Cycle: Continuous or alternating
  • Wave Form: Twin peak, monophasic
  • Polarity: Positive or negative
  • Frequency: 2 – 100 Hz, adjustable
  • Output Voltage: 0 – 240 volts (500 Ohm load) 0 to 350 volts (open circuit), adjustable
  • Pulse Duration: 5 microseconds
  • IntraPulse Interval: 100 microseconds
  • Power Source: 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable battery, or AC adapter

A sliding cover provides access to the controls and to the battery.

Included with the PulseStim 240

  • HVPC stimulator
  • Lead wire
  • 3 alligator clips
  • 2 splitter cables
  • Electrode kit with two active and one dispersive electrodes
  • Batteries
  • AC adapter, universal voltage 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz with hospital power cord
  • Instruction sheet
  • Carry case

PulseStim 240 Brochure Adobe logo (pdf format)

GeniStim 330 
GeniStim 330™
HVPC Stimulator

GeniStim 330™ - Discontinued Replace by PulseStim 240

The GeniStim 330 is an easy-to-use high voltage pulsed current (HVPC) stimulator suited to a range of physiological applications. It supplies a galvanic stimulation current for wound healing, increased blood circulation and pain reduction. A convenient timer permits automatic shut-off at the end of the therapy session.

Controls are housed in a transparent cover to prevent inadvertent altering of the settings during treatment.


  • Output Channel: Two active outputs, one dispersive return
  • Cycle: Continuous or alternating return
  • On Time: 7 seconds fixed in alternating mode, or continuous in continuous mode
  • Wave Form: Pulsed galvanic monophasic exponential spikes, delivered in pairs with a fixed interpulse interval of 100 microseconds
  • Treatment Timer: 60 minutes, 15 on / 45 off, or continuous
  • Frequency: 1 – 100 Hz, selectable, with digital display
  • Output Voltage: 0 – 330 V, adjustable
  • Power Source: Two 9-volt batteries or AC adapter, 120 VAC
  • Polarity: Positive or negative
  • Time Display: Records total usage time in minutes

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