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Thera-Wand Testimonials

Testimonials for
THERA-WANDTM UV-C Treatment Lamp

We take pride in the excellence of our products and the quality of our Service.
Following are comments from our customers regarding their UV-C equipment for wound healing.

One of our patients had a chronic infection for 10 years. Nothing worked. With the Derma-Wand, we finally cleared the infection.

P.B., Ottawa

We have used the Derma-Wand even for deeper infected wounds, 3 - 5 times per week, with three-minute exposures, and produced good results. Irrigation with lots of water is very important. Even ischemic toes are responsive.

We avoid using petroleum jelly on surrounding skin because it tends to keep too much moisture in the skin. Instead, cardboard cutouts for masking work best with our patients. For wet, oozing wounds UV-C helps to dry the wound bed.

D.L., Saint John

These therapists used the Derma-Wand which has been replaced by the
Model C-100 Thera-Wand

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