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A chronic wound is a huge ongoing burden to the patient that seriously affects quality of life....Read More


Whats new in wound therapy


A Revolution is Occurring in Wound Care!

Put your wound care expertise to work to produce healing and wellness. With our dedicated focus on wound healing we can help you to achieve exceptional results.

By using one or more of the Therapeutic Modalities, you can
Heal Wounds that others would deem to be "Non-healable."

Physicians, wound nurses and physiotherapists use a combination of techniques that work together to stimulate the wound, increase blood flow and combat infection. These techniques heal wounds and ulcers in a timely manner.

In Canada, for a non-healing chronic wound, caring for the wound with bandaging and ointments is NOT considered to be an adequate level of care and rehabilitation.

If you are a health care provider, you can use our equipment to produce healing in your patients. We can help. We provide setup, familiarization and training. Therapeutic modalities are easy to provide and essential for producing consistently positive outcomes.

The RNAO Nursing Best Practice Guideline "Assessment and Management of Pressure Ulcers", 2007, recommends adjunctive therapies for chronic wounds, and for those patients with
pre-existing medical conditions that delay wound healing.

Adjunctive therapies are similarly recommended in guidelines for the management of venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.

It is in our view that all wounds showing less than 30% healing progress in 30 days should be treated with one or more of the therapeutic modalities. By understanding the phases of healing and applying the appropriate modality, you CAN produce that elusive healing response.

Ontario High Intensity Diabetic Foot Treatment Initiative

Proposed pilot project with treatment centres in each of the main population areas.

We supply a comprehensive range of the best therapeutic technologies available for wound healing and to address the diabetic epidemic.

  • Galvanic Stimulator: A pulsed electric current stimulates the wound bed to produce healing.
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  • Circulator Boot: A cardio-synchronous compression system that increases blood flow to treat chronic wounds and pain in the feet and legs. Highly effective, the Circulator Boot is the primary technique used by clinicians to heal diabetic foot ulcers, and to avoid amputation.
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  • Thera-Wand: UV-C radiation is effective for clearing infections from the wound bed, including antibiotic resistant strains such as MRSA and VRE. Stimulates the surrounding area to help increase blood flow.
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  • Elpha II 3000
    The modified monophasic TENS waveform delivers constant pulsed electrical current to acupuncture points. This stimulates the nerve endings to help to normalize nerve and muscle function. The technique increases blood flow to the extremities for the purpose of wound healing.
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If you are suffering with a chronic open wound, we have a therapy unit that you can use to produce healing. ALL of our products are available for rental.

For personal use following an injury, we have a rental program to supply personal therapy products directly to patients. If you are looking for healing and wellness, we have a product for you.

All of our products are clinically proven with documented evidence of effectiveness.  All products use evidence-based practice and are Health Canada listed.

Our Quality Management System is in place to ensure quality wound therapy products and the best possible customer service.

For information about our products and services or to arrange for a demonstration call 1- 888-667-2324.
Outside of Canada and USA, call 613-256-282.

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