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Facility Readiness for Circulator Boot Therapy

End-diastolic compression techniques using the Circulator Boot™ have been shown to treat successfully more than 90% of patients that otherwise would end in amputation of the toes or feet. Patient expectations are high. Cost-effectiveness is excellent.

Since successful implementation depends on several factors, please help us by taking a few minutes to complete the following analysis. We want to be able to respond more efficiently to your needs.




  Positive Negative

We have a global budget and can allocate funds to worthwhile and financially justified projects.
We are in short-term crisis mode.  No funds are available for new projects; funding levels are fixed.
Project Fit
We are expanding.  We have a project approved and underway which could utilize this type of equipment.
Our facility is static and not able to accommodate new initiatives at this time.
Active therapies including chiropody, physiotherapy and psychology are favoured and supported.
We believe medications and surgery will best satisfy most health care needs.
Wound Closure
We already use the VAC, galvanic stimulation, growth factors and advanced dressing systems.
We mainly use sharp debridgement followed by conventional wound care.
Vascular Diagnostics
We measure patient progress and need to expand our diagnostics abilities.
We do minimal diagnostics, mainly to justify surgery.
Physician Support
Our doctors are aggressive, have good support, and strive for the best.
We are overworked and do our best with limited resources.
A staff of well-trained medical professionals is in place that would like to learn even more effective techniques.
We only do basic wound care and would need to hire and train new staff.
We have a growing wound, foot or vascular clinic with active treatments.
Patients are schedule as needed, mainly to review medications.
Everything possible should be done to save a patient's foot.  We need better methods for treating infection.
Amputations and resections are usually the overall best options for deteriorating conditions.
Floor Space
We have under-utilized clinic space available.
Our space is tight.  No further clinic space available just now.
We service a region with more than 250,000 population that is within one hour's driving distance.
We are a small community facility located in a less populated area.


Instructions:  Check the statements that best apply to your existing or planned facility.  Leave out those aspects that do not apply.  Add the number of positives.  Subtract the negatives.

Score: _________   (Five or higher = Go for it!)

Adobe  Facility Readiness for Circulator Boot Therapy (pdf)

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