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Information for Health Professionals

If you see patients with vascular insufficiency, the Circulator Boot is the ideal treatment modality to produce healing and ambulation. It uses the technique of end-diastolic compression which is the most direct and positive method available for correcting a range of conditions caused by poor blood flow.


Vascular disease is becoming more prevalent. Just put your next patient into the Circulator Boot for a 40-minute session and know that the healing process has begun.




Circulator Boot Efficacy
- discussion and clinical studies.

Summary of Clinical Research Studies adobe logo


Published Clinical References adobe logo

- with abstracts

Clinical Reports - 2008
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  • Healing ulcers with osteomyelitis
  • Concurrent venous-insufficiency and peripheral arterial disease
  • Periwound oximetry assessment
  • Combined therapy - collagen matrix and CBT


1. Testimonials

- Foot Clinic Reduces the Referral Rate for Amputation to Zero
  Significantly reduce hospitializations


- Testimonial of Early Experience with Circulator Boot

- Little Time Needed to Become Proficient with the Circulator Boot

- Clinic Produces Successful Outcomes using the Circulator Boot

- Barry Researchers use Boot to Reduce Lower Limb Amputations

2. Application Notes

- Setting up the Circulator Boot in your Clinic adobe logo
Become a results-oriented wound healing professional.

- Typical Outcomes

- What to Look for in Wound Therapy for your Patients with Non Healing Foot Ulcers

3. Facility Readiness

- Facility Readiness for Circulator Boot Therapy
 Is your clinic ready?


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