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Treating Diabetic Ulcers, Ischemia, Infection and Neuropathy

If you are experiencing pain, lack of sensation, infection or ulcers in your feet or legs, then you are at serious risk of further complications, extreme pain, disability and amputation.

With Circulator Boot Therapy you can find healing and wellness.

Many of the leading vascular centres, podiatry clinics and wound healing specialists use the Circulator Boot.

Circulator boot outcomes

See how this infected toe was healed

Circulator boot outcomes

Save Your Leg with the Circulator Boot

Circulator boot outcomes

Leg at Risk After Two Vascular Procedures Saved by Boot Therapy

Circulator Boot Therapy, a Safe Alternative to Amputation

Gangrenous Foot Salvaged by Circulator Boot

Effective Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers Adobe logo (in pdf format)

Still not convinced? See the online video showing how the Mayo Clinic uses the Circulator Boot for treating wounds.

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Thanks to the Emax Health news organization and to the Mayo Clinic for making this information available.

If you experience a problem opening the video click here

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For patients in Canada who have had an assessment and treatments at a Circulator Boot Clinic and who would like to continue the treatments at home, the system is available for monthly rental. Call for information.

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We are not affiliated with any special interest groups or with any of the treatment clinics. All of our revenue is derived from product sales and rentals, and from fees for our training courses. We actively promote the development and adoption of new effective techniques for wound healing through the sale of our products.