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TIP: The Radon Scout Plus does not need line power. It will operate more than 90 days on fresh alkaline batteries.

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Radon Scout Plus
Click here for our Scout Plus Data Sheet


The Radon Scout PLUS is an accurate, rugged and easy-to-use continuous radon monitor for professional use. The Scout is well-suited for both short-term and long-term measurement of radon gas. It is an ideal radon data logger for both radon screening and for mitigation work.

The Scout is used with a computer (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10) for data retrieval and analysis using the supplied Radon Vision Software.

Except for the RUN/STOP switch, this radon tester has no user controls. All setup, measurement and data transfer functions are handled by your computer using the Radon Vision Software.

The Scout does not need line power. It will operate more than 90 days on fresh alkaline batteries.


Radon Testing:

Accurately measure radon gas levels. Determine if radon levels are above or below recommended guidelines. In a radon inspection at a school or commercial building, measure radon during occupied and unoccupied portions of the day. You can quickly determine the relation between the average radon level and the radon present during occupied times.

Radon Mitigation:

As the mitigation job progresses, monitor indoor radon levels to suggest mitigation strategy. Measure hourly radon levels during the full time that you are on-site, and for two days after completion. Where radon levels are high, you can select a shorter integration time such as 15 minutes. Analysis is fast and easy with the Radon Vision software. Select areas of interest (AOI) at the beginning, at different stages during the remediation and at completion to demonstrate the mitigation’s effectiveness.

The Scout uses a solid state alpha decay sensor for radon gas that is not affected by temperature, humidity, radon daughters, air currents or gamma radiation levels to ensure accurate and repeatable results. It uses instrument-grade sensors to continually record environmental parameters. This helps ensure test validity and helps in interpreting the results.


Output Reading: Radon gas concentration (Rn-222)
• Measurement Type: Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM)
• Sampling Method: Passive air diffusion
• Detector: Solid state alpha detector, ion-implanted silicon
• Dynamic Range: 0 to 10 MBq/m3
• Units: Bq/m3 or pCi/L (selectable)
• Sensitivity: 0.108 CPH per Bq/m3 nominal (4 CPH per pCi/L)
• Accuracy: +/-10% + statistical uncertainty
• Response Time: 120 minutes to 95% of final value
• Tamper Detection: Tilt monitor 2 G to detect movement
• Controls: RUN/STOP switch with lock-out control to prevent tampering
• Time: Internal real-time clock
• Power Supply: 2 x D-cell batteries (Alkaline)
• Low-Battery Indicator: Flashing red LED
• Battery Life: 90 days using alkaline batteries
• Size: 175 x 135 x 55 mm
• Weight: 800 g (1.75 lb.) (including battery)
• Calibration Certificate: Included. Annual re-calibration is recommended.
NRPP Approved, device code CR-8235 (Canada and USA)
• NRSB Approved, device code 31820

Environmental Sensors

Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%, +/-2%
• Temperature: - 20° to 40° C, +/- 0.3° C
• Barometric Pressure: 800 to 1200 mbar, 0.5% non-linearity

Data Logging Features

Radon Scout PLUS

Radon Scout PLUS

Sampling Interval

1 to 255 minutes

Maximum Sampling Intervals

2047 intervals

Data Recording Time
with 3-hour sampling interval

255 days


Alternates each minute between two display screens showing: Average radon during last hour, error percentage, time, barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, battery voltage, average radon during entire test, date and time started, elapsed time in current interval, interval length, number of intervals elapsed.

Environmental Sensors

Relative humidity, temperature,  barometric pressure

Line Power Operation

AC Adapter, universal voltage, 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz included to reduce battery usage

Radon Vision Software DATA SCREEN

Click here for larger image

Radon Vision Software Screen


Software Features

• Easy to setup and download data using the toolbar at the top of the screen

• Quick and easy display and interpretation of data

Interactive graphical display – zoom, pan, fit, data-cursor, marker for tilt and start of a new measurement

Simple intuitive user interface

Printed reports with space for user comments

Average radon concentration and exposure

Select either SI or US units

Display +/- error % for measurements

Display error bars

Data smoothing

Select time span of interest for calculating the average radon level

Automatic file names and folder structure

Data analysis even when measurement underway

Data export in ASCII characters for EXCEL format

Direct reading by EXCEL

Data recording lock/unlock

Direct printing or PDF file

Create PDF files of the reports and review

Store and review multiple sets of measurement data without erasing memory

Battery voltage monitor

The computer needs to have an available USB

Included with the Radon Scout

    Radon Scout PLUS data logger

    Radon Vision software disk, version 6.07 for XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10


    AC Adapter

    Calibration certificate

    User manual with Quick Start guide

    Radon QA/QC plan

    Tamper-resistant case

AC Adapter 

AC Adapter
When using the AC adapter, measurement will continue, uninterrupted, using the D-cell batteries, without any data loss, if the line power is interrupted.
If the batteries are allowed to discharge, measurement will stop but no collected data will be lost.

Tamper Resistant Carry Case

Tamper Resistant Deployment and Carry Case
We recommend using the carry case for deployment, transport and storage

USB Adapter

USB Data Cable


Data security

You cannot loose data by turning off or by letting the batteries run down. The data memory can only be cleared using the Radon Vision software.



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