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The Radon Scout Plus does not
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alkaline batteries.
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The Recon™ is a rugged and versatile radon monitor for professional use.  With high sensitivity and high reliability, it is designed for the way you like to test for radon gas.  This includes accurate two-day screening tests, one-week radon testing and analysis in public buildings, mitigation job monitoring and long-term monitoring according to Health Canada guidelines.

The Recon functions as a data-logger, storing the measured radon and environmental values in its large memory.  Up to 15 sessions of data can be stored in memory.

Your computer handles data analysis and produces reports as PDF files.  Use either the Recon Downloading Tool Software (supplied), or the Radon Report Manager software.  You can either print these or send to your client by email.


-  Accurate

-  High Sensitivity

-  Environmental sensors

-  Tamper Detection

-  Rugged

-  Easy to Use

-  Full reports

-  Calibrated

Recon continuous radon monitor

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Recon CRM

Typical Applications

  1. Short-term Radon Tester

Accurately measure radon gas levels.  Produces a finished test report with hourly and average values.  Ideal for 2 to 5-day tests in property transactions.

  1. One-week Building Characterization

In a radon inspection at a school or commercial building, measure radon during occupied and unoccupied portions of the day.  Reports the average radon level and the radon level during occupied times.

  1. Radon Mitigation

As the mitigation job progresses, monitor radon levels to suggest mitigation strategy.  Measure hourly radon levels during the full time that you are on-site to determine mitigation effectiveness.

  1. Building Science Research

The reports are hourly; data is stored internally in 10-minute intervals.  The raw data can be imported by Excel, Matlab and other analytical software for detailed analysis.

recon radon continuous monitor

High Reliability

The Recon uses high-sensitivity solid state alpha decay sensors for radon gas that are not affected by temperature, humidity, radon daughters, air currents or gamma radiation levels.  This produces hourly data with high accuracy.  It uses instrument-grade sensors to continually record environmental parameters.  The environmental sensors help ensure test validity, repeatability and serve in interpreting the results.

The Recon requires annual calibration to meet C-NRPP quality control requirements in Canada.


•    Output Reading:  Radon gas concentration (Rn-222)

•    Measurement Type:  Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM)

    Sampling Method:  Passive air diffusion with no moving parts

    Detector:  Solid state alpha detectors in dual ion chambers

    Units:  Bq/m3 or pCi/L (selectable) in report

    Sensitivity:  0.38 CPH per Bq/m3 (13.5 CPH per pCi/L) typical

    Lowest Level of Detection:  22 Bq/m3 (0.6 pCi/L) for hourly values

    Tamper Detection:  Accelerometer to detect movement.

Adjustable sensitivity

    Controls:  Keyed switch for RUN/STOP/OFF with keypad lock-out during test

    Time:  Internal real-time clock

    Power Supply:  Internal NiMH rechargeable battery, 96-hour capacity

    Battery Charger: Universal 100-240V, 50-60 Hz

    Compact Size:  18.5 x 13 x 7.5 cm (7.3” x 5.1” x 3.0”) including rubber bumpers

•    Light Weight:  0.85 kg (1.9 lb.)

    Memory Capacity:  255 days

    Environmental Sensors:  Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure

    Reliability:  Self test at power-on

    Operating Temperature:  0 - 40° C

    Operating Humidity:  0 - 85% RH

    Sampling Interval:  Ten minutes for internal data storage.  One hour for reports

    Timer:  To set test start and test duration, selectable

    Display:  LCD, backlit.  Selectable ON/OFF

Shows time, current and total test radon concentration, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure

    Deployment:  Desktop, shelf or tripod mount

    One-year factory warranty

    NRPP Approved, device code CR-8304 (Canada and USA)

Included with the Recon Radon Monitor

  • Recon Download Tool software on USB
    drive for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

  • USB data cable

  • Battery charger, universal voltage

  • Radon QA/QC plan

  • User's Manual

  • Calibration certificate

recon cable

Report Includes

  • Deployment details

  • Average measured radon level

  • Environmental data

  • Profile graph

  • Hourly data

  • Tamper indication

Optional Item

  • Heavy-duty carry case, rugged, hard-side, lockable Recon case

recon cable

recon adapter

Recon Colour Customization

Panel Colour

Button Colour

Bumper Colour



Light Grey



















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™Recon is a trademark of Rad Elec, Inc.

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