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Where fast response is essential, such as for a
real estate transaction, a four-day test will normally give a good indication of
the radon level.

Become a Radon Measurement Professional

Radon professionalThe E-PERM® system is a truly outstanding radon measurement tool for achieving the best accuracy and reliability. By owning your own equipment, you save money compared with the cost of outside laboratory services. It is the ideal radon gas monitor for radon testing companies, environmental consultants, building inspectors and government laboratories because of its ease-of-use, high accuracy and low cost. Testing companies that have used other methods find that electrets are the all-round best and most cost-effective radon monitors for both screening tests and long-term confirmatory tests.

You will benefit by being able to make your own inexpensive on-site measurements. It replaces charcoal screening detectors for short-term measurements and replaces alpha-track detectors for long-term measurements with better accuracy, faster results and lower cost per measurement. You will become one of the many E-PERM professionals throughout the world that are satisfied users of the electret ion-chamber method.


It's All That You Need

With the Radon Starter Kit from BIOMATION, you have all of the testing equipment needed to handle a business level of about five homes or one large building per week for screening tests. And one home per month for long -term testing. The kit is very affordable. It includes an E-PERM training course on DVD. A set of reference electrets is included with the kit to verify correct operation of the readout unit. You can add additional radon detectors and electrets as your volume of radon work grows.


It's Easy to Use

It only takes a few seconds to measure the electret voltage using a small portable voltmeter, the Model SPER-1E Surface Potential Electret Reader. The final exposure voltage subtracted from the initial exposure voltage is divided by a calibration factor and the number of days of exposure to give the average radon concentration value, expressed in Becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3). The radon level can alternately be expressed in picocuries per liter (pCi/L). You can use the Radon Report Manager software to calculate the radon level on-site, and to print the report. A spreadsheet template is included if you want to produce the results using Excel.


Permanently Calibrated

The system is designed so that correct operation can be easily verified to ensure reliable and accurate results. Checking the readout unit weekly with the reference electrets is recommended. Radon measurement proficiency can be demonstrated by participating in a radon spiking test. Annual recalibration of the SPER-1E Reader is recommended. Because the radon sensitivity of the E-PERM system is dependent primarily on the manufactured dimensions of the electrets and ion-chambers, more frequent calibration is not necessary.

The E-PERM System will contribute to your professional image. The E-PERM monitors that are left in the home have a high quality, professional appearance, as does the readout unit and the computer output report. The client is likely to place a high level of credibility in your firm and is likely to recommend your firm to other home owners and potential clients. Because results are immediately available, you can finalize the testing on the spot without a further phone consultation or visit. If the radon level is low, you can provide peace of mind and assure the building owner that no further tests are needed. If intermediate or high radon levels are found, the options and costs of follow-up work can be discussed frankly and professionally. The E-PERM system is sold only to reputable, responsible firms that will provide professional radon services with a high level of quality and integrity.


Reliable and Effective

A home or workplace with a high radon level is a health hazard to its occupants. The seller will need a radon test when preparing the house for sale. Purchasers will want written assurance the home or commercial building they are buying has been tested and has an acceptably low radon level. The electret averages any variations in the radon concentration and provides an accurate average reading over the exposure time.

Where fast response is essential, such as for a real estate transaction, a four-day test will normally determine whether or not the house meets the Health Canada radon guideline of 200 Bq/m3. You can follow the short-term test with a three-month confirmatory long-term test.

For a residential short-term test, only two brief visits to the house are usually needed: the first is to place two or three E-PERM monitors in the house; the second visit is arranged with the client for a convenient time, usually four to seven days later, to retrieve the monitors and to pick up the payment. A written computer report or a letter can then be generated and sent to the client. Whenever possible, you can recommend a long-term E-PERM test of three to twelve months to determine whether mitigation is needed.


Printable versionClick here for printable pdf version of "Become a Radon Measurement Professional".

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