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In March 2006, the Radon Working Group of the Federal Provincial Territorial Radiation Protection Committee proposed the following Canadian radon guidelines:

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BIOMATION - Outstanding Radon Measurement Instruments

Measure for Radon in Schools, Homes and Public Buildings

Used by radon testing companies, radon mitigation contractors, environmental consultants, home inspectors and government laboratories,our radon monitors are truly outstanding radon measurement tools for achieving the best accuracy and lowest cost per measurement.

S-Chamber for radon measuring

E-PERM Radon Starter Kit

With the basic starter kit, you have all of the testing equipment needed to handle a business level of about two homes per week for short-term tests and one home per month for long-term tests.  It includes an instructional DVD.  A set of reference electrets is included with the kit to verify correct operation of the readout unit.  The radon measurement kit is very affordable.  Additional radon detectors and electrets can be added as your volume of radon work grows.

Radon House

For deciding on a radon testing system, click here for our Decision Maker Fact Sheet: "Decision Maker Fact Sheet"

This is the best and quickest way to become trained and certified in radon testing.  Spaces are still available - Register Now!


E-PERM System
Highly Sophisticated and Affordable

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Nationally recognized as the state-of-the-art technology in the radon measurement industry.
Femto tech

femto-TECH CRM-510LP
Continuous Radon Monitor

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State-of-the-Art system for
providing radon testing services.
Radon Scout Plus

Radon Scout Plus
Accurate - Easy-to-Use

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It is an ideal radon monitor for radon
testing and mitigation professionals

Radon Measurement Course

If your company would like to schedule a course at
your facility please contact us for arrangements.


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