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CRM-510LP Continuous Radon Monitor
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The femto-TECH model CRM-510LP is a precision radon detection instrument based on the same field-proven pulsed ion chamber technology of previous models R210F and RS410F. Due to a unique patented electrometer and open grid design, the CRM-510LP is highly suited for to a wide range of radon measurement applications. Because of the low current requirements of the electrometer detector and on-board computer, the Low-Power model CRM-510LP is a fully-portable self-contained continuous radon monitor that can read, record and print hourly test data for eight days of stand-alone operation.

The CRM-510LP prints both graphical and numerical reports of hourly data on a portable printer. It is uniquely suited for both screening and follow-up testing.

The full-function computer system incorporated in the model CRM-510LP provides the operator with a highly flexible radon detection instrument and data logger while still maintaining the simplicity of operation for which femto-TECH instruments are noted. In addition to the measurement and storage of radon data, the highly sophisticated on-chip peripheral capabilities of the CRM-510LP provide for the measurement and storage of temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. This multi-parameterl data acquisition capability provides the tester with a unique data base for effectively evaluating the validity of short-term radon measurements.

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