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E-PERM Radon Starter Kit

With the basic starter kit, you have all of the testing equipment needed to handle a business level of about two homes per week for short-term tests and one home per month for
long-term tests.
The kit includes an instructional DVD. A set of reference electrets is included with the kit to verify correct operation of the readout unit. The radon measurement kit is very affordable.

  • SPER-1E Reader with case, desiccant and Reference Electrets
  • 2 Ion Chambers, Type “S”
  • 8 Ion Chambers, Type L
  • 6 Short-Term Electrets
  • 4 Long-Term Electrets
  • E-PERM User's Proficiency Course on DVD with booklet
  • Set of Spreadsheet Templates and Sample Forms
  • E-PERM Operator's Manual with Canadian Radon Measurement Guidelines
  • Quality Assurance Manual and Radon Testing Protocols
  • Radon Report Manager Software Program
  • Package of 25 Lock Ties - 15”
  • Package of 100 Lock Ties - 4”
  • 10 sheets of Tamper Indicating Tape
  • 1 Tamper-Resistant Twin Box
  • 10 Deployment Bags 6” x 9”
  • Nitrogen Cleaning Kit (regulator, hose and nozzle)
  • Full technical support
  • 5 copies of the booklet "Radon Reduction Guide for Canadians"

Schools should betested for radon gas. Read all about it in volume three of our
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Radon in Schools

By owning your own equipment, you save money, compared withthe cost of outside laboratory services.


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Sper 1 Reader
SPER-1E Electret Reader
The electret voltage reader is a highly sophisticated electric-field sensor with a special receptacle into which the electret is placed. When the shutter is opened, the sensor can read the voltage on the electret surface without touching it. Readings of the electret voltage, before and after deployment provide an absolute number for unambiguous, quantitative determination of the ion collection accomplished by the electret due to radon in the chamber. 


S Chamber
An electret is paired with a precision, volumetric E-PERM ion chamber to comprise a working E-PERM radon detector. E-PERM ion chambers are manufactured from electrically conductive polypropylene. Inlets are filtered to allow only radon by passive diffusion and to block radon daughters. E-PERM radon detectors are also designed to have an insignificant response to thoron. The standard size (S) chamber is the most popular size. It has these special features:
  • Spring-loaded cap for turning the detector on or off.
  • Hole through the open stem to allow a 1/8 inch lock tie security seal.
  • Hanging ring on the cap to suspend the detector.

L-OO chambers


L-OO Chamber
The L-OO little ion chamber has an on-off slider mechanism to turn the detector on or off. Its function and features are similar to the S chamber but with a smaller volume. This extends the exposure time by a factor of approximately six.


The electret is a Teflon disk which has been electrically charged and stabilized. Electrets are supplied in either Short-Term or Long-Term versions.For indoor testing, where 200 Bq/m3 is the level of interest, the following guidelines are recommended:

  • Short-term electrets - with the S chamber will measure radon in approximately 48 hours. A four to seven-day test is ideal.
  • Long-term electrets - with the S chamber will measure radon in approximately 28 days. A 90-day test is ideal. Appropriate chamber and electret combinations are needed for high concentration measurements.
  • Short-term electrets - with the L-OO chamber will measure radon in approximately 12 days. A one to three-month test is ideal.
  • Long-term electrets - with the L-OO chamber will measure radon in approximately six months. A one-year test is ideal.
Where high radon levels are expected, shorter exposure times can be used.
For example, if the radon level is expected to be over 400 Bq/m3 an L-OO chamber with a Long-term electret is a good choice for a three-month test.
Gently-used Electrets
These have on average 5% less than the usual starting voltage of 700V. Discount 20% off the quantity price while supplies last. Quantities up to 50.

tamper resistant box


Tamper-Resistant Testing Box
Holds two S chambers, two L chambers or two L-OO chamber detectors.   

Radon Flux Monitor Radon Flux Monitor
The passive measurement of radon flux from the ground or other surfaces used for determining the radon emanating potential of a building site or to meet regulatory measurement requirements for uranium mill tailings or gypsum stacks.

The flux monitor features a large, diffusion window. The chamber is vented so that it will not accumulate the radon concentration. When the E-PERM Flux Monitor is placed on a radon emanating surface, the radon enters through the diffusion window and exits through the vents. The semi-equilibrium radon concentration inside the camber is representative of dynamic flux from the surface. The discharge rate of the electret is a measure of the radon flux. E-PERM Flux Monitors have been calibrated on the well-characterized radon flux beds at CANMET (Canada), which are known to produce radon flux of 7.7 + 1.1 pCi m-2 second -1 (Flux Units).

The Radon Flux Monitor consists of a set of two flux chambers that you use together to produce the radon flux measurement.

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