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1. Advanced E-PERM
QA for Radon Testing

Radon Applications

Measurement Applications

  • Short-term or Long-term measurements of radon in air in homes, schools, workplaces, mines, caves, radon spas or outdoors.

  • Dissolved radon in water

  • Undisturbed radon flux from the ground, uranium mill tailings, phosphate stacks or other surfaces

  • Thoron in homes, thorium handling and storage areas or outdoor


Dissolved radon in well water is an important health issue. At high concentrations it contributes to the radon level in the building's indoor air.

The E-PERM system includes the ability to measure radon in water efficiently and inexpensively with the use of the radon-in-water test kit.

Radon Indoors - Using E-PERMS

The E-PERM® System will contribute to your professional image. The E-PERM monitors that are left in the home have a high quality, professional appearance, as does the readout unit and the computer output report. The client is likely to place a high level of credibility in your firm and to recommend your firm to other home owners.

Because results are immediately available, you can finalize the testing on the spot without a further phone consultation or visit. If the radon level is low, you can provide peace of mind and assure the home owner that no further tests are needed. If intermediate or high radon levels are found, the options and costs of follow-up work can be discussed frankly and professionally. The E-PERM system is sold only to reputable, responsible firms that will provide professional radon services with a high level of quality and integrity.

Radon Flux

The measurement of radon flux from the ground or other surfaces is useful for determining the radon emanating potential of a building site, for uranium exploration, or for meeting regulatory measurement requirements for uranium mill tailings or waste disposal sites. When the E-PERM Flux Monitor is place on a radon emanating surface, the radon enters through its window and exits through the vents. It does not disturb the radon flux levels being measured.

Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM)

With a Recon or Radon Scout you can monitor changing radon levels. They are ideal for short-term testing, follow up testing and mitigation.

A CRM is important for testing in schools because it gives a measure of the radon level during school hours.

Radon Remediation

When radon testing shows radon levels above guidelines, sub-slab venting in an effective method to reduce radon levels.

Radon in schools
Health SpasRadon in spas
WorkplaceRadon in the workplace
Radon in homes

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