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Biofeedback System Rentals  

Now you can benefit from a full featured multi-channel biofeedback system. Why buy a small less-capable system or wait for a capital budget when you can rent the complete system you need from Biomation at a great price

MEDAC System/3 2 channels EMG, plus GSR, skin temp, breathing, heart rate, peripheral blood flow. Total 8 channels. With computer and colour inkjet printer

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NeuroMuscular System/3
2 channels EMG, With computer and colour inkjet printer.

The system includes full-featured NewGraph clinical software for biofeedback therapy, functional assessment and detailed printed reports.

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Upgrade your MEDAC System to Full Multi-media Capability.

Personal Home Trainer

T3 Skin Temperature Monitor
3-colour, 15-element light bar and audio feedback. For clinic or home use

$50.00 / month

Toll Free: 1-888-667-2324


A Proven Performer!               Biofeedback is increasingly moving into main stream medicine as an important complement to standard care