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T3 Temperature Monitor 

T3 Temperature Monitor A Proven Value in Biofeedback Instrumentation
NeuroDyne Monitor Series biofeedback trainers are rugged and easy to use in the clinic or for home practice.  Monitor Series instruments feature a large 3-colour, 15-element light bar and audio feedback.  Sensor, built-in speaker, stand, battery charger, and user’s guide are included with each unit.

T3 - Temperature Monitor
Features exceptional resolution of temperature changes and the fastest responding sensor in the industry.  In its Derivative mode, the T3 tracks only the changes in temperature and resets the display after each change, allowing “hands off” operation.


15 element, 3 colour LED bar graph, zero-centre type

Built-in speaker, 2.25" (5.7 cm) diameter.  Mono output will drive stereo headphones (disconnects internal speaker).  Tone - acoustically contoured sinusoid, 100-3 kHZ.  Centre frequency - 750 Hz. corresponds to centred bar graph.  Scale +/- 600 Hz corresponds to full bar graph. Loudness - 80 dB SPL @ 1 metre max.

Sensor:  Integrated circuit on a ceramic substrate, 0.1 sec. Response time

Calibrated Range: 59-104 degrees F (+/- 0.4 F) or 15-40 degrees C (+/- 0.2 C)

Sensitivity Norm: High +/- 0.63 F/sec. (+/- 0.35 C); Low +/- 1.9 F/sec. (+/- 1.05 C)

Sensitivity Derivative:     High +/- 0.63 F/sec. (+/- 0.35 C); Low +/- 1.9 F/sec. (+/- 1.05 C)

Audio Timer: 1 pulse/sec. nominal

Display:  Measures degrees change from baseline temperature, maximum resolution 0.018 F/sec. (0.01 C/sec.)

Controls:  Baseline, Power On/Off-Volume, Sensitivity (High/Low), Audio Type (Timer/Tone), Measurement Mode (Absolute/Derivative)

Power:  Internal rechargeable NiCad batteries - Battery charger supplied.  120 V, 60 Hz.

Size:  2.9"D X 6.6"H X 5.25"W (7.4 X 16.8 X 13.3 cm)

Weight:  2.0 Lbs. (0.9 kg.)

        Toll Free: 1-888-667-2324      


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