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Medac Systems/3

  • 8 Channels of instrumentation in a single, compact package

  • Now available with either 2 or 4 channels of surface EMG muscle monitoring

  • Advanced sensor technology for highest accuracy, patient comfort and ease of use

  • Clinically tested "user interface" makes software easy to use

        Medac System 3/R 

The Future is Now
The MEDAC System/3 is an integrated instrumentation and software system that is both powerful and easy to use. Its advanced monitoring capabilities allow you to determine which autonomic nervous system parameters or muscle sites are most appropriate for biofeedback assisted relaxation training or muscle re-education.

A Proven Performer
MEDAC instrumentation and software are functional and dependable. MEDAC has been used in clinical practice for more than ten years with thousands of patients. An expanded configuration, the MEDAC System/3R, is now available for rehabilitation and pain management applications where 4 channels of surface EMG are needed.

The Highest Quality Instrumentation
The compact MEDAC System/3 incorporates advanced technology for a variety of physiological modalities including heart rate, peripheral blood flow (blood volume pulse height), surface EMG, skin temperature, skin conductance, and respiration. 

Automated Record-Keeping & Report Generation
MEDAC programs collect data automatically and produce session reports that you can review or print at any time.  Use these reports for insurance carriers and referral sources.

Software You Can Use Today
Automated protocols and a clinically tested user interface make MEDAC software extremely easy to use.  MEDAC is the system of choice for hospitals and clinics because it minimizes staff training time and can be operated by any level of clinical personnel.

Software You Can Use Tomorrow
The MEDAC System/3 has the flexibility that you need now, and in the future.  Programs incorporate standardized protocols written by clinicians, but allow modification of most parameters.  On-screen prompts guide you through changes.  Easily create your own protocol schedules with condition labels and variable duration data collection periods.

A Turn-key Solution
The MEDAC System/3 includes everything you need - instrumentation, sensors, interface card for use with IBM PC compatible computer, and software. There are no hidden costs.  The MEDAC is your complete solution today... and tomorrow.

   PPG Sensor - Non invasive heart rate monitor

PPG Sensor placement

Now you can benefit from a full featured multi-channel biofeedback system.


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