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T3 Temperature Monitor






  • Features the Brief Physiological Stress Profile and User Defined Profiling for standardized assessment of autonomic nervous system (ANS) and skeletal muscle reactivity.
  • Easy to use Protocol Manager saves general or patient specific procedures.
  • Report Generator produces graphs and tables for all physiological monitoring and biofeedback sessions, including mean, standard deviation, min/max, and detailed data.
  • Photoplethysmograph (PPG) monitors the blood volume pulse wave for tracking heart rate and relative changes in peripheral blood flow (pulse height).
  • Two or four channels of surface EMG (Muscle activity) using the Active Electrode, a wide-band preamplified sensor that removes artifact and may be used without gel.
  • Two / Three channels of DC measures (TEMP & RESP) for any combination of skin temperature and respiration.
  • Electrodermal Activity - Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Response (SCR).

Emitter Radiant Output:  880 nm., radiant power compensated for ambient illumination, 3 mW. max.
Dynamic Range: > 90 dB.
Bandwidth:  0.2-35 Hz., sub critically damped.
Effective Illuminated Area:  2 cm.

EMG Calibrated EMG Range:  0.01-1000 V.
Input Bias Current:  <2.0 Picoamperes.
Differential Input impedance:  >1,000,000 M Ohms.
Common Mode Rejection:  150 dB (60Hz).
Bandwidth:  33-200 Hz.  (60 Hz. notch) 18 dB/oct.
Noise:  Less than 0.05 V.  (inputs shorted).
Detector:  Log power detector, 250 mS. true avg.
TEMP Calibrated Measurement Range:  60-100 F.
Resolution:  1/400 F.
Absolute Accuracy:  Better than +/-0.25 F over calibrated Measurement Range.  Better than +/-0.1 F @ 95 F. including thermistor inter changeability. 
Thermal Time Constant:  320 mS.  (standard sensor, water plunge).
EDA Calibrated Skin Conductance Range:  0.8-50 S/cm 
Sensor:  gold plated brass, 2.5 cm effective area, single ended configuration.
Measurement Technique:  Constant Current
Conductance A.C. log, 5 S. time constant, 3 A/cm constant current excitation.
Filters:  12 Hz. low pass, 18 dB/oct.  (60 Hz. notch).
RESP Belt attached, pressure sensitive force transducer.
AUDIO Inputs:  Stereo line level inputs.  1V RMS nom.
3.5 mm. phone jacks.
Outputs:  Stereo output for 8 Ohm speakers, headphones.
2 W/ch. @ 0.05% distortion.  3.5 mm. phone jack.
OUTPUTS Analog outputs suitable for connection to chart recorders, oscilloscopes, etc.  Full optical isolation for up to to 8 channels, 7500V. (A.C. 5S., <10 pA. leakage @ 120 VAC).  DB15 connector.
TRIGGERS Two program-activated triggers for external devices including muscle stimulators (2.5 mm phone jacks).
IO Interface card resides in computer (1/2 size ISA card) and provides 8 simultaneous channels of A/D conversion with constant 14 bit resolution, 50 S/channel.
POWER Sealed gel-cell rechargeable battery, 3 A/hr.  30 hrs. typical between charges.
CONSOLE Size:  14.4"W x 10.2"D x 4.3"H.  Weight:  9 lbs.
REQUIRES IBM or compatible computer with 640k RAM, hard disk drive, ISA standard card slot, VGA (high res. colour) video card and monitor.


Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Now you can benefit from a full featured multi-channel biofeedback system.
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