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Rehab and Internal Medicine

When recovering from illness or trauma, the body can become sluggish. Physical therapy with active aerobic exercise is highly regarded as the best remedy and a source of a much needed boost toward achieving a state of well-being. Yet, all too frequently, physical activity is not possible due to the disability or illness. Physical and mental problems can be further aggravated by accumulations of blood toxins and congestion. Such conditions are commonly treated with prescription drugs. Still, we should be moving away from the over-use of drugs and surgery in favour of therapist-oriented rehabilitation using physical methods. Such techniques are practised at many rehabilitation clinics and health spas. These methods are more durable and uplifting, as compared to the medical/surgical approach, while usually consuming less of our health care resources in the long run. Many physicians would gladly prescribe treatments for their patients if there were more experienced therapists, better equipment and convincing clinical data.

Many patients are intently looking for alternatives to drugs. Insurance companies and managed health care providers are seeking more intense and durable treatments leading to earlier return to work. Hospital rehabilitation managers are looking for ways to deal with an increasing patient backlog.

In response to these needs, we have developed a comprehensive collection of fourteen powerful techniques
using neuromuscular electrical stimulation:

  1. Circulalation System

  2. Sluggish Glands - skin ulcers

  3. Kidneys

  4. Bladder - urge

  5. Lungs - congestion Pain

  6. Central Nervous

  7. Diabetes

  1. Carpal Tunnel Pain

  2. Tennis Elbow

  3. Knee

  4. Bell's Palsy

  5. Fibroids

  6. Sinus Pain

  7. Arthritis

Each of the treatments is based on extensive clinical experience. Nevertheless, we are seeking clinics to further evaluate and quantify the outcomes with specific patient populations and to verify that effective results can be replicated by other clinicians in both hospital and private clinic settings. All of the methods use electrical stimulation (E-Stim) therapy with the ELPHA-II 3000 Muscle and Nerve Stimulator, and PALS single-patient, multiple-use, adhesive gel electrodes.

Although the ELPHA-II 3000 is one of the most inexpensive and easy-to-use muscle stimulators available, it has the quality electronics and the sophistication needed to handle a wide range of physical and medical conditions.

We have available a new 4-page protocol for Total Body Wellness. If you have existing clients with any of the listed conditions, and therapists who are experienced with E-Stim and who might like to participate in this study, please request a copy of the protocol. If you do not have an ELPHA-II 3000 unit available, we would be happy to assist.

Please call if you would like further information, or to discuss any aspects of the program or any of our other E-Stim and biofeedback instruments.

Here is an example of how to use the ELPHA II 3000 to increase blood circulation for healing a
recalcitrant ulcer on the toe:

Arrow Healing of Chronic Ulceration


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