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TFS 290 Trophic Facial Stimulator

Recommended for the treatment of:

  • Facial paralysis

  • Bells palsy accute

  • Bells palsy chronic

  • Moebius syndrome

  • Guillan Barrie

  • RTA

  • Neuropraxia

  • Congenital facial palsy

  • Synkinesis

Unique Features:

  • Selectable frequency muscle strengthening programs

  • Sequential frequency muscle activation programs

  • Touch button controls

  • Convenient multiple-use chrome electrodes

The ISIS TFS 290 is an advanced development in neuromuscular electrical stimulation for clinic or home use. The programs mimic the natural nerve-muscle communication associated with facial muscle control. With its simple push-button controls, it is especially easy to use at home.

All forms of palsy respond to trophic stimulation. Daily sessions of one hour are typical for accute and sub-accute conditions. Chronic cases of more than 12 months post onset require longer stimulation times of 3 hours or overnight. Unlike other dedicated electrical stimulators, the TFS 290 incorporates both automatic sequential and manual single frequency selection modes; this enables the therapist to more effectively treat and target specific symptoms.


Basic Model - Palsy treatment only - $360.00   

 Extended Model - $445.00

In PALSY and SYNKINESIS MODES, the muscle is activated through a series of different levels of metabolic activity.

In MANUAL MODES, the therapist may select the stimulation frequency according to the muscle tone as rehabilitation proceeds.

The detailed instruction manual includes recommended treatment progressions and electrode placement diagrams.


Kit Includes:

  • ISIS TFS 290 Trophic Facial Stimulator

  • S75 ISIS Facial lead wire with stainless steel

  • Electrodes (2 sets)

  • Roll of tape

  • Treatment guide

  • Conductive gel

  • Soft carry case

TFS 290 Specifications:

  • Dual channel
  • Asymmetrical bi-phasic net zero DC
  • 60 milli-amps amplitude, max
  • 6 treatment modes (Extended Model)
  • automatic sequenctial frequencies
  • Manual override (Extended Model)
  • Frequencies 5 to 20 pulses per second
  • On cycle 2 seconds
  • Off cycle 2 seconds
  • Pulse width 100 ยต seconds
  • Amplitude displayed by light bar
  • Frequency display
  • Compliance meter
  • 9 volt alkaline battery

Pricing for Home Use

Pricing for TFS 290

ISIS Nuromed TFS 290 Brochure ISIS TFS290 Trophic Facial Stimulator

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