Often the body develops specific physical problems or certain areas become sluggish due to illness, trauma or lifestyle. Electrical stimulation (E-Stim) is widely used to give immediate symptom relief. This is an important benefit, of course, but the real underlying objective in E-Stim treatment should always be to normalize nerve and muscle function. This will induce the body to begin functioning properly again, as it should, so that the body can start a regeneration process to heal itself.



Elpha II 3000 Muscle StimulatorElpha 3000
Combination Muscle Stimulator and TENS, 2 channels with individual channel controls.
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ActiStim™ A-2100 Trophic Muscle Stimulator - 2 Channels
muscle stimulator
An advanced development in neuromuscular electrical stimulation for treating muscle pain offers programs that mimic the natural nerve muscle communication associated with muscle control. With the simple push-button controls, it is especially easy to use at home.  Also includes programs for treating stroke, arthritic conditions, arthritis, facial paralysis and sports injuries.
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ELPHA 1000
Elpha II 1000Elpha 1000
Dual channel TENS for pain relief. With individual digital controls.
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Neuro - 4 Muscle StimulatorNeuro - 4 Stimulator

Trophic Muscle Stimulator, condition-specific, 4 channels has been replaced by the ActiStim.
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IF8000 Interferential Therapy Unit IF 8000

Interferential Therapy Unit. Constant, ramp and abrupt frequency sweep modes.
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Neuro Move NM900
NeuroMove NeuroMove NM 900
EMG triggerd neuromuscular stimulation (ETMS) stimulator for rehab following stroke and spinal cord injury.
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ActiStim™ A-2100 Trophic Facial Stimulator - 2 Channels
ActiStim facial stimulator
An advanced development in neuromuscular electrical stimulation for treating Bell's Palsy and related facial paralysis conditions. Includes programs for arm, knee and sports injuries. Also includes programs for treating stroke, arthritic conditions and pain.
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Neuro-4 Trophic Facial Stimulator -4 Channels
Neuro-4 Trophic Facial Stimulator - 4 Channels

The Neuro-4 Trophic Facial Stimulator has been replaced by the ActiStim™ A-2100 Trophic Facial Stimulator
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GeniStim 330™ - Portable Electrical Galvanic Stimulator
GeniStim 330
The GeniStim 330™ has been replaced by the PulseStim HVPC stimulator.
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Pulse Stim 240™ - Portable Electrical Galvanic Stimulator
Pulse Stim 240 Galvanic pulse stim 240
The Pulse Stim 240™ is a light-duty single-channel galvanic stimulator for wound healing and for home treatment of pain and poor blood circulation.
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