NeuroMuscular System/3™

No Longer Manufactured
Replaced by the ME6000
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  • Two, Four or Eight channels of computerized EMG measurement

  • Preamplified sensors for unequaled accuracy

  • Dynamic wide-band muscle monitoring

  • EMG threshold control of neuromuscular stimulators

  • Standardized protocols for biofeedback training

  • Raw EMG sound

NeuroMuscular System/3

Programs that are Easy to Use and Easy to Modify

The NeuroMuscular System/3 has the flexibility that you need now, and in the future. the System/3 is self documenting and so user friendly that you can begin using it immediately...without help. Standard programs incorporate clinically proven protocols, but allow modification of most parameters. On-screen prompts guide you through changes. You can save your own custom protocols in a software library or as patient specific procedures.

Superior Instrumentation

The Neuromuscular System/3 supports two, four or eight channels of surface EMG for a full range of dynamic & functional assessment applications and associated biofeedback training. The System/3 features the Active Electrode™, a compact sensor assembly that includes a miniaturized instrument preamplifier. Locating the amplifier at the electrode site cancels artifacts before being transferred down the electrode cable, resulting in a superior signal. Wide frequency band monitoring well below 100 Hz is provided to support accurate recording of fatigued muscles, a feature not included in most traditional surface EMGs.

EMG and Stimulation, a Powerful Combination

EMG control of stimulators bridges the gap between voluntary and involuntary movement, resulting in enhanced patient motivation and accelerated progress. Optically isolated stimulator outputs allow the use of most commercially available NMS devices with externally triggered inputs. The stimulator is activated by exceeding the selected EMG threshold.

Automated Record Keeping and Report Generation

Session data is saved for each patient in a database on the hard disk drive. Programs collect this data automatically and produce session reports that include baseline, threshold, mean and min/max values for each trial. The detailed data option allows you to also save the raw data from a session for later playback. You can enter your comments for any session, making note taking simple and convenient. And, you can review or print any portion of a patients record at any time. Reports are suitable for insurance claims or referral sources.

The Software Specifics

  • Fully integrated, high performance EMG system with computer interface.

  • Software allows complete control over session configuration, including user defined conditions such as work/rest-sets, and provides clinically appropriate positive visual and auditory feedback for reinforcing the training goals.

  • Software is easy to modify. Save your changes as custom protocols and build your own library of general and patient specific procedures.

  • Advanced documentation of muscle activity and patient progress is provided through graphic displays, automated data reduction, and printed reports.

  • Software controlled triggers turn neuromuscular stimulators on and off. Unique dual stimulator triggers provide both synchronous and reciprocal capability.

  • Raw EMG sound provides dynamic tool for monitoring muscle activity and provides clear artifact detection.


AUDIO - Raw EMG Sound: Front panel selectable, by channel

TRIGGERS - Two software activated triggered outputs for neuromuscular stimulators. Normally closed electronic switches. 7500 VDC optical isolation. 2.5 mm phone connectors

AUDIO - Inputs: Stereo line level inputs. 1V RMS. nom. 3.5mm phone connector. Outputs: Stereo output for 8 ohm speakers, headphones. Power output 2 watts/channel at 0.05% distortion. 3.5mm phone connector

OUTPUTS - Analog outputs suitable for connection to chart recorders, oscilloscopes, etc. Full optical isolation for up to 8 channels, 7500V. (AC 5s, <10pA leakage at 120 VAC). DB15 connector

PHYSICAL - Power sealed gel-cell rechargeable battery, 3 A/hr. 30 hours typical between charges. Front panel low BAT/CHG indicator. (6A/hr. dual battery for 8 channel). Console: 14.4"W X 10.2"D X 4.3"H Weight: Console: 9 lbs. (12 lbs for 8 channel configuration)

I/O - USB cable


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™System/3, Active Electrode are trademarks of NeuroDyne Medical Corp.


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