Therapy for STROKE and Spinal Cord Injury

As the leading cause of long-term disability, many stroke survivors are living with its debilitating effects. To help stroke victims reach their goals, the NeuroMove™ is designed to increase functionality by teaching healthy parts of the brain to take over from injured areas. It uses state-of-the-art, barrier-breaking techniques in the battle for recovery. The technique has achieved success in 90% of cases for achieving significant functional improvement.

IMAGINATION is behind the NM900

The NeuroMove uses the patient’s powers of concentration and imagination to help relearn muscle movements
 which have been lost. The plasticity of the brain is a powerful characteristic for producing progress.

EMG Triggered Neuromuscular Stimulation (ETMS)  

BIOMATION Neuromove NM900

The NM900 senses the low level of muscle activity by using three electrodes on the skin surface.

The electrodes detect electrical signals sent from the brain to nerves inside the muscle. This electromyography (EMG) activity registers on the NeuroMove’s display screen.

Increasing the electrical activity requires reteaching the brain to send messages to the affected muscle. This is where nerve plasticity, imagination and concentration help to produce the required cortical reorganization. By simply thinking about moving a muscle, a person raises the electrical activity present in that muscle. NeuroMove detects attempts even below the level where any movements are visible. This ETMS technique is very motivating where there had previously been no movement.

The computer inside the NM900 evaluates the amount of activity present in the muscle, then sets a higher standard that the patient should try to reach by concentration. Upon reaching this mark (threshold) the patient is rewarded with electrical stimulation that makes the muscle move for a few seconds. Success is measured in the actual movement of a hand, arm, etc. and gives the patient greater control over the extremity.

NM900 Product Features 

Safety: Sensor alarm, electronic timer, lock off level. All internal functions are self-tested for errors before any treatment begins.

Modes: Stroke Rehab, Spinal Cord Injury, Manual, or Stim Only.

Sensors/Stimulation: Three reusable surface electrodes included.

Visual Display: With instructions, 60 seconds history graph of EMG attempts as well as base EMG and threshold.

Audio PromptsVoice commands selectable ON/OFF.

Compliance Monitor: Records the total usage time and number of times used. Can be reset.


Adjustable Settings

EMG sensitivity:  0.2 – 2000 μV peak

Output Current:  0 – 100 mA into 1k ohm

Waveform:  Biphasic

Pulse width:  100 – 400 μs

Size:  17.0 x 10.4 x 6.4 cm

Frequency:  10 – 100 Hz

Weight:  480 g

Time on:  2 – 20 s

Battery type:  Rechargeable Lithium-Ion with % charge status display

Time off:  2 – 50 s

Battery charger:  120 VAC, or universal

Included with the NeuroMove NM900

    • NM900 stimulator unit

    • C900 NeuroMove patient cable

    • Instructional DVD

    • 5 packages of electrodes, type 200303, round

    • Users manual

    • Supplemental instructions - Hospital clinic

    • AC adapter, 120 VAC (universal 90-240 VAC optional)

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