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Neuro-4 Trophic Muscle Stimulator


This product is not longer manufactured. Replaced by the ActStim Trophic Stimulator   Enter here.............  

Important Features for the Patient

The Neuro-4 allows the active patient to receive stimulation during day-to-day activities; the passive patient to receive therapeutic signals to more muscle groups in one sitting/session.

This treatment specific stimulator employs microchip technology and is advanced in its physiological approach. Its microchip manner of presentation adds to the lightweight ergonomic design. It enables you to treat muscles on both sides of the trunk, abdominals, arms, legs, face and pelvic floor with full consideration of antagonist, synergist and fixator functions.


Important Features for Your Clinic

The unit changes for each client group with each program card inserted. This versatile unit covers all of your treatment needs and whatever develops in the future. It helps to standardize your therapy for specific patient groups. Upgrading of the unit is as simple as changing the program card.

All future advances will be incorporated as easily as programming a new card rather than replacing the unit.
Any treatment protocol you design will be easily accessible to your clinic.

The programs are contained on a treatment card which activates the unit and changing the unit is as easy as changing these cards. Currently we are supplying 16 different cards supported by comprehensive manuals and a wall chart for quick referencing. Cards may also be programmed to suit your patient group.

A comprehensive and clear step-by-step treatment guide is supplied with every Neuro 4 stimulator. This manual has been compiled by Diana J Farragher. MSc. Grad Dip Phys. Dip TP. FCSP.

Standard pin connectors

The standard pin connectors supplied with the Neuro-4 are compatible with most types of surface electrodes.
Chrome electrodes

Small chrome electrodes are ideal for stimulation of small facial muscles. They are held in place with tape.

 Treatment  Order No.
 Facial ParalysisTRO 750
 Pelvic Floor WeaknessTRO 755
 Brachial PlexusTRO 760
 Drop FootTRO 765
 Chronic Neurological ConditionsTRO 775
 Multiple SclerosisTRO 786
 StrokeTRO 785
 Spinal Cord InjuryTRO 790
 ArthritisTRO 795
 Repeated Back InjuryTRO 800
 Pain ReliefTRP 810
 KneeTRO 805
 Sports and Related InjuriesTRO 815
 Painful Feet / Post Surgical FeetTRO 820
 Post Polio SyndromeTRO 825
 SynkinesisSynkinesis TRO 830


4 channels with separate amplitude controls

Asymmetrical bi-phasic net zero DC

80 milli-amps amplitude, max

3 treatment modes for each program card

Automatic sequential frequencies

Frequencies 3 to 200 pulses per second

On-cycle 2 to 4 seconds

Off-cycle 2 to 4 seconds

Synchronous or alternating cycles, defined by program card

Pulse width 260 microseconds, max

9-volt alkaline battery

Pricing - Neuro-4 and Program Cards

Pricing - Products for Home Use

Neuro-4 For the Treatment of Arthritis

Description of Plug-in Treatment Cards

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