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Muscle Testing

Multi-channel Surface Electromyography (sEMG)

Physiotherapy Application

In functional assessments, especially where chronic pain is present, surface electromyography(sEMG)is the overall best tool for muscular dysfunctions. With sEMG you really can take everyone else's failures and turn them into successful outcomes.

It is reported that in 97.6% of chronic pain sufferers, the problem is related to a movement dysfunction. The patient is using the wrong muscles to move. Don't accept an explanation of psychiatric problems or malingerer. With multichannel sEMG, the dysfunctional muscle can be identified, the extent of the problem can be quantified and an effective therapy plan initiated.  Patient compliance is greatly increased by using objective visual data.


ME6000 Biomonitor - with 2 EMG preamp cables

ME6000 Biomonitor

Clinical Assessments

For fast clinical assessments, the overall best system available is the Mega ME6000. With four, eight or 16 channels, built-in protocols and lots of printed graphs and reports, it gives results quickly and effectively. Reports for reimbursement keep payers happy and reduce paperwork prep time. The ME6000 muscle tester system quickly shows left - right imbalance while comparing two different muscle groups. Patients with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and related injuries can be efficiently diagnosed so that effective therapy can be initiated.



Being completely portable, the patient is not constrained to the location of the computer system. The patient can focus on performing the activities in the protocols instead of being distracted. The system is also ideal in athletic training and workplace sEMG monitoring.

The windows based Software is a full featured analysis system for interpreting the results and printing reports.

For muscle retraining, the ME6000 operates in real-time and biofeedback modes. It's cable-end preamplifiers give artifact-free signals for easier interpretation of the results. High-speed sampling allows frequency-domain analysis for muscle fatigue testing.

With the right equipment and the right protocols, truly phenomenal results have been reported. The same results are not possible without sEMG.  New lower prices and flexible leasing terms make a system very affordable. With generous evaluation times, you can't afford not to go with the ME6000.

>> Interpreting the results of sEMG testing

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