ME6000 Equipment Recommendation Form Biomation, Canada Equipment Recommendation Form Biomation, Canada Equipment Recommendation Form Biomation, Canada

Biomonitor ME6000

Powerful Solutions for Biosignal Monitoring

The Mega Muscle Tester series technology has been used world wide since 1983. Specialists in top research institutes and universities have selected these instruments for their precise monitoring needs.   

ME6000 Biomonitor Showing Large LCD Screen

ME6000 Showing Large LCD Screen

  • High-resolution LCD display

  • Real-time signal display

  • Programmable pre-settings

  • Easy-to-use menus

  • Data Logging and on-line measurement

  • Wireless WLAN telemetry

  • Memory capacity of 256 MB or more

  • MP3 audio features

  • 14 bits resolution

  • Trigger in/out

  • Other sensors optional

    ME6000 Biomonitor with 2 EMG channels connect and WLAN data interface ME6000 Biomonitor Cables

ME6000 Biomonitor

The Biomonitor ME6000 and Megawin software together allow accurate measurement and provide tools for flexible signal processing and data analysis in a single package. Single registration in real-time with video synchronization expands the applications and helps with off-line analysis and data interpretation.

The measurements can be stored in the memory (CF memory card) or monitored on-line. The large graphics LCD display provides clear menus and makes the use of ME6000 very easy. The maximum sampling rate is 10,000 Hz per channel with 14 bits resolution. The ME6000 includes also MP3 voice features and is fully compatible with MegaWin™ software. The eight and 16-channel system includes wireless WLAN telemetry as standard; for four channel models this is optionally available.

MegaWin Software

Megawin Software

The Biomonitor ME6000 is designed to meet the most demanding needs in electromyography (EMG) and in the measurement of other physiological signals in biomechanics research, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine. The small, ambulatory, battery-operated unit includes the unique features of a pocket-size data logger and wireless telemetry system in a single compact unit.


  • Rehabilitation

  • Sports Medicine

  • Occupational Health

  • Ergonomics

  • Education

  • Research

  ME6000-T4* ME6000-T8* ME6000T16*
 4 channels X    
 8 channels   X  
16 channels     X
 WLAN telemetry interface Optional Optional X
 USB PC interface X X X
 EMG type
Raw / averaged / true-RMS / integrated
 Sampling rate
1,000 / 2,000 / 10,000 / 250 / 100 Hz
 Memory (CF memory card)
256MB / 512MB / 1GB / 2 GB
Typical 110 dB
14 bit
 Power source
4 x 1.5V batteries
181 x 85 x 35 mm
344 g

* The Muscle Tester series technology is available in Canada. It meets medical CE (CE 0537), MHW (Japan), Canadian and FDA requirements.


  • Video EMG Option. - Synchronized video EMG recordings in real time of in field

  • Neuro Monitor Option - Stimulus triggered response/reflex measurements. Evoked potential, MEP, etc.

  • Synchronization with motion analysis. - Wireless synchronization with major motion analysis systems: Vicon, Peak Motus, Qualisys, etc.

  • Synchronization with isokinetic systems. - Connection with signals from major isokinetic systems: Biodex, Con-trex, Cybex, etc.

  • Synchronization with force plates. - Connection with signals from major force plate systems: AMTI, Kistler, etc.

  • Wireless marker/trigger

  • Waterproof kit

  • Analog output adapter

  • Isolation unit for external signals

Additional Sensors

  • Goniometers

  • Accelerometers, 2.7 G - 10 G - 50 G

  • Inclinometers, +/- 60°

  • Gyro sensor

  • ECG sensor

  • Heart rate, Polar compatible

  • Foot switches

  • Force sensors

  • Tidal volume sensor

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> Additional Sensors and Accessories for ME6000 (pdf)

> Functional Testing using surface EMG

> Electrodes for surface EMG

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