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Equipment Recommendation

Elpha II 3000 Muscle and Nerve Stimulator

Elpha II 1000 TENS

ActiStim A-2100 Trophic Muscle Stimulator

ActiStim A-2100 Trophic Facial Stimulator

Neuromove NM900 EMG Controlled Muscle Stimulator

GeniStim 330 HVPC Galvanic Stimulator

IF-8000 Interferential Therapy Unit

Other ______________________________________

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This recommendation identifies quality equipment deemed appropriate for this individual. The determination of such a recommendation is based upon the professional judgement of the therapist(s) involved in consultation with the client.  The client agrees to accept the equipment described above upon delivery as authorized by his/her signature.

- 1 copy to Therapist    - 1 copy to Insurance Company
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Biomation  EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATION FORM - English pdf file

Biomation  EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATION FORM - French pdf file

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