Stimulation Electrodes

For all types of TENS and muscle stimulation applications, the quality of the electrode makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the treatment. PALS electrodes use silver conductive cloth which is highly conductive and very flexible. This gives a very even current density over the area of the electrode. Higher therapeutic currents give faster progress while keeping the stimulation comfortable for the patient.
With a thick coating of conductive gel, these electrodes can be re-used many times and so represent the best value in a stimulation electrode.

Meditrace Surface EMG Electrodes

Meditrace electrodes

Medi-Trace 133 electrodes are ideal for physiotherapy assessment where there is movement during the protocol. They are pre-gelled with silver/silver chloride sensors for excellent skin contact and stable measurements. The thick foam backing gives high stability to minimize movement artifacts.

3SG3-N - Surface EMG Electrodes

The white cloth Easytrode electrode combines silver/silver chloride sensors with conductive hypo-allergenic gel to give sensing over the entire electrode surface. The porous soft fabric and rectangular shape allows adhesion to body curvatures and gives the ultimate comfort. With care, it can be reused several times, making it ideal where the therapy is regularly repeated.


Mega Muscle Tester Systems

Electrode Pricing - Effective January 2017
All pricing in Canadian dollars

Disposable Pregelled EMG Electrodes for ME3000P & ME6000


Meditrace 133 Disposable Surface Electrodes Foam Backing

Box of 60 Electrodes 22.95

3 Electrodes per Package

Case of 600 Electrodes 185.00

Noro-trode Dual Electrodes, Pregelled, Disposable

Type 120 - 2 cm. spacing Box of 120 175.00

Type 130 - 3 cm. spacing Box of 100 182.00


Bag of 25 39.00

Bag of 50 42.00

3SG3-N  Easytrode, Cloth, Adhesive Gel

150 Electrodes 125.00

DBF3D77 Clear plastic, Adhesive Gel

150 Electrodes 89.00

DANMETER Stimulation Electrodes

200303  NeuroMove Electrodes 2" (round)

3 per Package 27.00

109-772 PALS  Avantrode Premium Silver Flex 2" x 2"

4 per Package 13.50

109-769  Avantrode Premium Silver Flex 1.75" x 3.75"

4 per Package 16.75


NEURODYNE Disposable Dry EMG Electrodes

AE-131 Dri-Stik Circular Dry Disposable for Active Electrode

Package of 100 79.00


Carton of 5 packs (500 Disposables)

Save $55.00! 340.00


Carton of 10 packs (1000 Disposables)

Save $250.00! 600.00

AE-178 TripleStix Strip-style Dry Disposable for Active Electrode

Package of 100 68.00


Carton of 5 packs (500 Disposables)

Save $55.00! 295.00


Carton of 10 packs (1000 Disposables)

Save $160.00! 555.00


EMG Electrodes

BIOMATION provides a range of single use, disposable EMG electrodes available for assessments and biofeedback training. With suitable skin prep, all will give a high quality EMG signal.

  1. DBF3D77 Multi Bio Sensor General Purpose. Adhesive gel. Good for small muscles, eg. hand and face.

  2. AE-131 Neurodyne General Purpose. Fixed electrode spacing. Dry electrodes.

  3. AE-178 Neurodyne Triple-Stix Special Purpose. Frontalis and for procedures requiring non-standard electrode spacings.
    Dry electrode.

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