Vasodilation and Promoted Healing of Chronic Ulceration by TNS

The well known Norwegian doctor, Birger Kaada, MD - has performed several research works, primarily on Vasodilation induced by TNS. A secondary effect - viz. Promoted Healing of Chronic Ulceration was discovered and may well prove to become another major finding. Dr. Kaada suggests that the burst stimulation releases a vasodilating agent, not previously found.

Electrode Placement
Negative black electrode is to be placed on the web between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones of a hand. Positive white electrode is to be place on the ulnar edge on the same hand.

Type of Stimulation
Acupuncture like stimulation (bursts) of 2 Hz, and an amplitude of 15-30 mA. The amplitude is individual and is suggested to be increased until local visible contractions occur without producing pain. Note that after about 5 minutes, stimulation usually the amplitude can be increased, as a regional blockade is established.

Duration and Frequency of Stimulation
3 daily sessions each of 30-45 minutes duration. Subsequent to skilled instruction the method is ideal for home use, with regular ambulatory check ups.

Raynaud's disease, Diabetic Polyneuropathy, and chronic ulceration of various etiology i.e. Neuropathy, Arteriosclerosis, Varices, Thrombophlebitis, Decubitus, and Scleroderma.

Kaada, B, MD., Neurophysiological mechanisms of pain suppression and cutaneous vasodilation induced by transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TNS) and acupuncture - A review., Pg. 64-94 in Legevitenskap og Livsvisdon, Festschrift to Tollak B. Sirnes on his 60th anniversary, October 17, 1982, Universitetsforlaget, Bergen, 1982. Kaada, B, MD., Promoted healing of chronic ulceration by transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TNS). VASA, 1983, 12, 262-269.

Increased Skin Temperature of Cold Extremeties with Acupuncture Like Stimulation
The following figures show the immediate effect of AP-stimulation on a hand as described above - on a cold left 5th toe (skin temperature before stimulation: 24° Centigrade). The increase during the stimulation to about 34° Centigrade, is a dramatic 10° Centigrade. This level is sustained for about four hours, where after the skin temperature quickly returns to the initial level. Note that the pain disappears for the same period of time. Note also that measurements on body regions of normal skin temperature show only a slight increase of 0.5 - 2 degrees C.

chronic ulcer

Promoted Healing of Chronic Ulceration
The following 3 figures show the decrease of size of ulcers. The time of healing is dependant on the size of the ulcer, and on whether the treatment is interrupted or not. Ordinate is the size of the ulcer in mm² or cm³. Abscissa is time in weeks.




You can try this technique using the ELPHA II 3000 Muscle and Nerve Stimulator. To verify its effectiveness use a surface thermometer.



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