Model A-2100 Trophic Muscle Stimulator

ActiStim is an Advanced Development in Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for both clinic and home use!


The ActiStimTM trophic stimulation programs mimic the natural nerve-muscle communication associated with muscle control. With its simple push-button controls, it is especially easy to use at home.

The treatment specific stimulator is pre-programmed for a range of conditions that respond to the therapeutic effects of trophic neuromuscular stimulation.

With dual-channel capability the ActiStim is well suited to treating muscles as agonist - agtagonist or bilateral pairs.

The therapist can select any of 21 stored programs to automatically take the muscle through a range of metabolic activity that is optimalfor the condition being treated. There are also 3 programs for pain control.

The detailed instruction manual includes recommended treatment progressions and electrode placement diagrams.

The ActiStimTM

Recommended for the Treatment of Dysfunction related to:

Facial Paralysis, Bell's Palsy, Arthritis, Stroke and Syskinesis.

ActiStim Stimulator Specifications:

  • Two channels with separate amplitude controls

  • Asymmetrical bi-phasic (net zero DC)

  • 80 milliamps amplitude, maximum

  • 24 Treatment Programs

  • Automatic sequential frequencies

  • Frequencies 5 to 20 pulses per second

  • On-cycle: 2 seconds

  • Off-cycle 2 seconds

  • Two batteries, type AA, alkaline

  • Low-battery indicator

  • 9.2 cm x 6.2 cm x 2.9 cm

  • 123 grams, including batteries


Selectable muscle strengthening programs

Sequential frequency muscle activation programs

Amplitude controls for each of two channels

Convenient multiple-use stainless steel electrodes

18 programs for a range of other conditions including stroke, arthritis, chronic pain and sports injuries

Included with the ActiStim Stimulator:

A-2100 ActiStim Trophic Stimulator

S98 Facial lead wire with stainless steel electrodes (2 sets)

S96 Lead wires for adhesive electrodes (2 sets)

Conductive gel and roll of tape

Instruction manual and facial treatment guide

Protective hard side carry case

Safety and Efficancy

ActiStim Model A-2100 is listed by Health Canada as a Class II medical device.  Licence 97073

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