Model A-2100 Trophic Muscle Stimulator

ActiStim is an Advanced Development in Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for both clinic and home use!


The ActiStimTM trophic stimulation programs mimic the natural nerve-muscle communication associated with muscle control. 
With its simple push-button controls, it is especially easy to use at home.

The treatment specific stimulator is pre-programmed for a range of conditions that respond to the therapeutic effects of trophic
neuromuscular stimulation.

With dual-channel capability the ActiStim is well suited to treating muscles as agonist - agtagonist or bilateral pairs.

The therapist can select any of 21 stored programs to automatically take the muscle through a range of metabolic activity that is optimalfor the condition being treated. There are also 3 programs for pain control.

The detailed instruction manual includes recommended treatment progressions and electrode placement diagrams.

Recommended for the Treatment of
Neuromuscular Dysfunction related to:
Facial Paralysis, Bell's Palsy, Arthritis, Stroke, Syskinesis and Chronic Pain.


ActiStim Stimulator Specifications:

  • Two channels with separate amplitude controls

  • Asymmetrical bi-phasic (net zero DC)

  • 80 milliamps amplitude, maximum

  • 24 Treatment Programs

  • Automatic sequential frequencies

  • Frequencies 5 to 20 pulses per second

  • On-cycle: 2 - 4 seconds

  • Off-cycle 2 - 4 seconds

  • Two batteries, type AA, alkaline, type LR6

  • Low-battery indicator

  • 9.2 cm x 6.2 cm x 2.9 cm

  • 123 grams, including batteries


Selectable muscle strengthening programs

Sequential frequency muscle activation programs

Amplitude controls for each of two channels

Programs for a range of  conditions including muscle pain, dysfunction and flaccid muscle due to stroke, arthritis, facial
paralysis, pain control and sports injurie

Included with the ActiStim Stimulator:

A-2100 ActiStim Trophic Muscle Stimulator

S96 Lead wires for adhesive electrodes

Package of self-adhesive electrodes

Conductive gel and roll of tape

Instruction manual with treatment guide


Protective hard side carry case

Safety and Efficancy

ActiStim Model A-2100 is listed by Health Canada as a Class II medical device.  Licence 97073

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