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WBA Sensor

WBA Sensor with lead wires and
snap connectors.

WBA sensor on wrist

Wrist extensors are easily monitored
with the WBA sensor equipped with
fixed electrodes.

WBA is small, light, rugged

The WBA Sensor is small, ultra light
and rugged.

WBA receiver

WBA back panel includes power input, analog output, USB, and synchronization.




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WBA Wireless Bioamplifier System

WBA Wireless Bioamplifier System

Wireless Full Bandwidth EMG Sensors and Desktop Receiver

<< New way to measure sEMG, EEG and ECG
<< This wireless EMG system offers complete measurement functionality setups with flexible setup

Three sensor configurations:

  • Fixed dry electrodes
  • Snap connectors
  • Pinch connectors
<< 4, 8 or 16 channels
<< Charging dock

The WBA system is ideal for measuring physiological signals in a motion analysis lab, sports training centre, hospital lab or occupational location. It is supplied either as a complete integrated system, or as the data acquisition component of an existing system.

Connections to External Systems

The WBA system is equipped with analog output for connection to data recording and analysis equipment.

Connections to motion analysis systems such as Vicon, MAC,Qualisys, Simi, CodaMotion, NDI, etc, can be easily made.

Use for MANY applications


One System, Many Applications

This full-featured, research-grade system is ideal for many different applications. Small and lightweight biosignal sensors are easy to place. Your patient or test subject can move about freely and easily. Measurement preparations are fast.

The batteries in all sensors are charged together in the supplied fast-charge recharger dock.

By turning on the sensors while still in the recharger dock, the sensor timing of all channels is synchronized.

  • Monitoring rehabilitation procedures
  • Neurophysiological monitoring
  • Biomechanics research
  • Motion analysis
  • Gait and posture analysis
  • Work and ergonomics analysis
  • Sports research

COMPLETE Tools for Signal Viewing and Analyzing

The system can be delivered with a computer interface and MegaWin PC-software so viewing and analyzing of data is available with one software tool.

Easy to use!

FULLY compatible with MegaWin Software                           

MegaWin software offers a versatile, easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software platform with a full range of monitoring and analyzing features:

  • Personal data management and data base
  • Graphical intuitive configuration system using drag and drop, for defining different signal types
  • Protocol wizard for multiple applications
  • Data processing and analysis tool
  • Multiple on-line/real-time features for raw, averaged, biofeedback, sounds, FFT-spectrum fatigue analysis
  • Complete body 3D muscle/nerve maps (option)
  • Reporting

MegaWin includes management tools for system settings and easy-to-use protocols based measurement control. Protocols can be created easily and quickly with a step-by-step progressing wizard. Software includes anatomic muscle maps with electrode placement examples from each specific muscle.

MegaWin data files can be exported as a binary file, ASCII file and in Matlab-format for further analysis. C3D-format allows Matlab-format inputting MegaWin data into well equipped motion analysis systems. MegaWin also allows EDF (external data format) for export.

System Includes:

*4, 8 or 16 wireless WBA sensors
* WBA receiver unit
* Recharger dock for wireless sensors


Hardware options:

* PC interface
* Rechargeable battery package for WBA receiver unit
* Analog breakout box with 8 BNC connectors for 8 channels of data
* Set of 8 BNC cables, 1 metre length
* WBA sensors can be a combination of EMG, ECG, EEG and goniometers

Software options:

* MegaWin PC-software
* Digital video-option
* 3D anatomy models

Technical Specifications:

WBA Sensors:

Resolution: 12 bits
Sensitivity: 1 μV per bit
Range: +/- 2048 μV
Gain: 732
CMRR: Typ. 110 dB
Sampling rate: 1000 Hz
Sensor freq band: 10 - 500 Hz (EMG model); 1 - 30 Hz (ECG model); 0.1 - 200 Hz (EEG model)
Data transfer: Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Range: 10 - 20 metres
Operating time: 4 hours
Controls: Power on/off
Indicators: Battery charged, power on, data active
Power: Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery with battery status indicator light
Weight: 16 g
Size: 35 x 35 x 15 mm
Electrodes: Lead wires and snap connectors for surface electrodes. Optional fixed surface electrodes.

WBA Receiver:

Analog output: +/- 2.5V
Data resolution: 16 bits
Gain: 1.67
Latency time: 300 to 1000ms, selectable
Power supply: 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Interfaces: Analog, USB, Bluetooth
Channels: 8
4 and 8 ch: Single WBA receiver
16 ch: Dual WBA receivers in Master/Slave configuration
Weight: 750 g
Size: 268 x 200 x 45 mm

Recharger Dock:

Number of sensor positions: 8
Operating modes: Charge, synchronize
Power supply: Universal 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
4 and 8 sensors: Single dock
16 sensors: Dual dock in Master/Slave configuraion

Specifications are subject to change without notification.

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The "Wireless Bioamplifier System" is ideal for many applications.
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