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Muscle Tester Runner

"Powerful Solutions"

We can configure a system, large or small, to meet your exact requirements.

Muscle Testing and Analysis Products

Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is a powerful tool in Biomechanics, Kinesiology and Ergonomics.  BIOMATION can supply your next sEMG system and provide all of the features you need for your applications.

WBA Wireless Bioamplifier System

Wireless bioamplifier


New Freedom for Measuring Surface EMG and Biosignals!

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ME6000 Biomonitor

ME6000 Biomonitor EMG data logger with bio sensors and wireless networking.

ME6000 Biomonitor

Wehave supplied systems for many research and industrial projects in Canada.

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eMotion Faros HRV

EMG Equipment The most reliable and advanced way to measure heart rate variability (R-R intervals) in sports training.

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Megawin Software

A full-featured software system for recording and analyzing multi-channel surface EMG and a range of biosignals.

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