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Megawin Software has both graphical and numerical display of basic results.

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Megawin Software, Version 3.0

No matter what type of muscle testing and analysis you need, — in clinical applications, research, sports or occupational — you can produce outstanding results quickly and reliably with MegaWin. It's the only complete solution for all of your surface EMG measurement and analysis functions in one fully integrated software package.

MegaWin is a full-featured biosignal management software system for recording and analyzing multi-channel surface electromyography (sEMG), along with related positional data and video imagery. It gives fast windows-based analysis. The same software can be effectively used for both fast routine testing and in-depth functional analysis.

me3000 muscle analysis system

With the MegaWin software package you
can follow-up analysis with trend reports

Applications Include:

  • Functional testing
  • Biomechanical research

  • Physical therapy

  • Muscle dysfunction analysis

  • Sports medicine

While including the most comprehensive set of software tools available for detailed in-depth analysis, MegaWin is also designed for quick start-up using the supplied default values. It is intended to be configured for your specific analysis requirements and for your specific hardware.

It is not necessary to learn different software systems for assessments, occupational analysis, functional testing and muscle training. With MegaWin you can do it all. There is superb ease of use and the highest possible functionality.


Designed For:

ME6000 Biomonitor

WBA Wireless Bioamplifier

ME6000 Biomonitor

WBA Wireless Bioamplifier


Wndows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit


Major Features:

  • EMG recording modes — averaged (linear envelope) and raw
  • EMG display modes — averaged (linear envelope), muscle trainer and raw

  • Selectable 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 16 channels

  • Recording methods

  • Offline measurements with data download

  • Real-time measurement, display and recording

  • Muscle trainer monitor

  • Audio voice prompts

  • Reference level calibration by six selectable methods, for both off-line
    and real-time measurements

  • Measured Maximal Voluntary Contraction (MVC) or
    Acceptable Maximal Effort (AME)

  • Measured average

  • Measured dynamic average with specified trigger level

  • Manual set

  • Previous reference

  • Specified default level

  • EMG units of measure — µV or % MVC

  • EMG scaling — Auto scaling or set value

  • Metric units of measure

  • Adjustable parameters for calculations

  • Test subject / patient data base

  • Measurement data base

  • Import - Export of data and protocols to other MegaWin measurement data bases

  • Signal configuration editor, total of 16 channels — for defining the signal channel assignments
    Surface EMG (sEMG), angle, torque, force, position, inclination

  • Protocol controlled measurements

  • Multiple user and password support with access restrictions

  • Conversion of data to ASCII

  • Conversion of Mega data files created by MS-DOS based muscle tester software

  • Data backup and restore

  • Multiple hardware configuration editor

  • Protocol editor

  • On-line graphical muscle atlas and locator

  • On-line FFT window

  • On-line 5 kHz measurement (ME6000)

  • Video monitor displays live video during measurements
     ((1 - 4 cameras) (Requires ME-6000 Video Option))

  • On-line video capture and replay

  • Single frame snap-shot

  • Off-line video and EMG recording — EMG synchronization by marker button and flash unit

  • Video compression ratio adjustments

  • 3D Anatomical Models (optional) for human anatomy atlas

Data Analysis


Data Analysis:

  • Graphical and numerical display of Basic results
        — Cumulative amplitude distributions
        — Work / loading - bilateral differences
        — Onset slope with activation times
        — Activation order
        — Onset times
        — Peak values
        — Physiologic gaps - level, density, duration
        — Marker events
        — Cursor analysis
  • Zoom in, zoom out
  • Selectable areas of interest

  • Spectrum Analysis, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) showing median frequency, mean power frequency and zero crossing rate
      — Single spectrum
       — Average spectrum

       — Fatigue test

  • Normative database of fatigue tests

  • Follow-up analysis with trend reports

  • Stimulus response measurement, analysis and follow-up for neurological applications
    (with Neuro Option).

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