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eMotion HRV Sensor

eMotion HRV

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Advanced Automated Analysis

Easy-to-understand Reports

Versatile Analysis Tools for Research


Introducing the most reliable and convenient way to measure heart rate variability (HRV). The sensor records HRV data as a data file of R-R intervals stored in memory.
eMotion HRV is the ideal solution for research, wellness, exercise and in top sports.

Special Features

eMotion HRV
Sampling frequency of eMotion HRV is 1000 samples per second giving extraordinary measurement accuracy of one ms in the  recorded R-R intervals.
eMotion HRV
The high-capacity rechargeable battery and large internal memory enables measurements of 3-4 days, and as long as 5 days.
eMotion HRV

Data from memory is downloaded to the PC easily through the USB-connection.

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Easy to use (single button operation)

  • Comfortable to wear (also during sleep)

  • Long measurement time

  • Accurate measurements

  • Less artefacts than in chest strap measurements

  • Superior conductivity between skin and sensor

  • Easy charging for multiple sensors

  • No need for wrist top computer

  • Unnoticeable during daily life

Docking station with sensors

             USB Computer Interface                        Docking Station with Sensors               eMotion HRV Sensor ready for Measurement

eMotion SPORTS

The eMotion SPORTS package uses the eMotion HRV sensor in combination with the Firstbeat SPORTS analysis software. It is available in kits of 4, 8 or 16 sensors for use
with all team members together. One sensor is assigned to each athlete.




Advanced Automated Analysis

Easy-to-understand Reports

Versatile Analysis Tools for Research


The package includes4, 8 or 16 eMotion HRV sensors, Firstbeat SPORTS software and USB interface for downloading of data.

  • Optimize Training Load
  • Indicate Overtraining

  • Better Critical Training Decisions

  • Maximize Recovery

  • More Individualized Training in Teams

  • Monitor Fitness Level in Athletes

  • Recovery Test

  • EPOC Analysis

  • Advanced Reporting Tools

  • Efficient Fitness Testing

  • Evaluation Package


Firstbeat SPORTS is a software tool for analyzing HRV data. It produces comprehensive analysis and reports for professional use in sports testing, coaching, individual athlete and team performance analysis. It may also be used as a research tool.

The eMotion SPORTS package is the most reliable and convenient way to improve R-R intervals to record small changes in the heart rate. eMotion is the ideal solution for HRV measurements in extreme competitive sports.

The method is based on advanced analysis of beat-by-beat heart rate data and especially heart rate variability. The software has been successfully applied to support training in many different sports including ice hockey, soccer, track and field, shooting sports, volleyball, swimming, cross-country skiing and more. It is best suited for all endurance sports.

Firstbeat SPORTS software is designed for:

The key benefits of Firstbeat SPORTS are:

  • Training Centers

  • Physical Conditioning Coaches

  • Sports Medicine Centers

  • Fitness Testing Centers

  • Sports Research Centers

  • Support Critical Coaching Decisions
  • Indicate Overtraining

  • Indicate Undertraining

  • Allow Individually Optimized Training

  • Monitor Athletes' Fitness Level

  • Support Critical Coaching Decisions

  • Maximize Recovery Between Two Training Sessions

Evaluation Package

An evaluation package is available for rent, consisting of one e-motion sensor, an interface cable and a one-month license for the Firstbeat SPORTS software.

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