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Applications for Muscle Testing Equipment

Biomechanics Research

  • Studies of body movement produce important insights into functional performance and problem solving. Research using EMG data can produce new therapy approaches for better targeting neuromlusculaer rehabilitation.


  • With a range of additional sensors, new insights can be gained into the body-machine interface that is so important in many design projects.

Occupational Biomechanics

  • Surface EMG monitoring is used to apply ergonomic principles for improving working conditions. Lucrative projects with large paybacks are possible in many industries, especially automative manufacturing, tool design, furniture development and military applications.

Sports Training Research

  • The MegaWin software includes a range of important tools for studying sports training and for sports performance.
sports rehabilitation
work medicine
Work Medicine
Basic analysis follow-up activation
order muscle work side differences
Isokinetic systems
Video EMG (also field tests)
targeted training slope analysis
field testing power production
endurance other sensors
Ergonomics advising On-site measurements
Low back pain evaluationwork task analysis
long term measurements video EMG
Stroke patient rehabilitation
nerve conduction velocity
fine wire / needle electrodes
Neurological Rehabilitation Motor Learning
biomation analysis
Injured/normal muscles
Neurological Rehabilitation Motor Learning
Basic Analysis
Fatigue Analysis
Games Software
Visual, statistical
Zoom, cursor
Signal overlap
Activation order
Side differences, left/right
Injured/normal muscles
Muscle fatigue
Reference data
Spectrum parameters (FFT)
muscle testing
gait analysis
muscle education
military testing applications
Dynamic Tests
Gait Analysis
Military Applications
Field tests Functional tests Video EMG
Multichannel analysis Other sensors
Video EMG
Goniometers and foot switches
Gait patterns
Activation order Force plates
Motion analysis
Motor learning Teaching
muscle functions Video EMG
Targeted training
Fighter pilot studies
Helmet etc. development
video emg
Video EMG
Other Sensors
Dynamic tests Real time measurements Field measurements
Fully synchronized Snap shot window Video reports
Goniometers Torsiometers Force Accelerometers
Heart rate ECG Foot switch Tidal volume

biomationMMega Applications ga EMG Application - ME6000 Biomonitor pdf format


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