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BIOMATION has supplied high performance EMG muscle testers and biomonitors for more than 15 years. In Canada we have supplied most of the top kinesiology and biomechanics organizations, including the University of Waterloo, York University, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Memorial University, University of Windsor and Université du Québec.

We specialize in lightweight portable systems that bring top performance to the field.

We have repeatedly reached new heights in electromyography: high speed sampling, up to 16 channels, spectrum analysis, fatigue measurements, on-line display, cumulative distributions, and a synchronized motion analysis interface, digital video recording and nerve conduction velocity.

Biomechanics and kinesiology are important and growing fields of study. EMG will become an increasingly important technique for quantitative muscular analysis. We can configure a system, big or small, to meet your exact requirements.

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