Clinical Trials: Weighted Vaginal Cones
1.Testing and Training of the Pelvic Floor Muscles after Childbirth A. Jonasson Sweden 1988
2.The conservative management of patients with symptoms of stress incontinence:
   A rondomized, prospective study comparing weighted vaginal cones and interferential therapy
K. Olah England 1989
3. Cones:  A news conservative management for Genuine Stress Incontinence A.B. Peattie England 1988
4. Cones versus Physiotherapy as Conservative Management of Genuine Stress Incontinence A.B. Peattie England 1990
5. Vaginal Cones for the Treatment of Genuine Stress Incontinence P.D. Wilson New Zealand 1990
6. Use of Vaginal Cones for pelvic floor conditioning of post partum women and for treatment of urinary incontinence 

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