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Biomation can supply your clinic with a full range of instrumentation, according to your needs, to make your assessment and treatment tasks progress easier and faster.

Our products are ideal for pelvic muscle re-education in urotherapy, physical therapy and gynecology clinics. By using a combination of several methods, called Multiple Behavioral Therapies, you should be able to make the best progress with your patients. Studies have shown the methods to be effective in both clinical and homebound settings.  Your patient may be interested in some of the points in our Bladder control fact sheet.

All instruments are the best available in their price range for incontinence therapy using pelvic floor muscle re-education.  The Neuro-4 Stimulator and Elpha II 3000 Stimulator are also ideal for general physiotherapy applications. We stock a range of instruments with vaginal probes, anal probes and surface electrodes in single patient - multiple use and disposable types.

The Aquaflex, PFX and GyneStimTM products are ideal for patients to use at home to complement your therapy program. Towards the end of a series of clinical sessions consider prescribing Aquaflex as a maintenance activity.

Methods - Pelvic Muscle Reeducation
EMG Biofeedback
Home Trainer
ELPHA II 3000  


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EMG Biofeedback - Full Featured Clinic System


Full-featured incontinence biofeedback assessment and therapy system. Two channels for pelvic/abdominal and left/right pelvic floor training. It features a unique two channel amplified vaginal probe. Identifies and corrects lateral imbalances. Computer graphics display with voice prompts. Flexible protocol editor. A programmable home trainer provides personalized therapy and exercise monitoring for the patient between clinic sessions. The probes with their removable probe covers are compatible with E-Stim. Includes an instructional video and detailed resource manual. 

evadri Bladder Control System

Pelvic floor therapy system with EMG biofeedback, E-Stim and pressure manometry in a single unified system. Comprehensive and easy-to-use protocol editor. An easy-to-use compact stimulator for use at home is ideal for exercising between clinic visits.

evadri Bladder Control System  Bullit - Read More Read More

E-Stim - for Clinic and Home Use

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-Stim) is an important therapeutic method. Helps with kegel exercises and much more. It serves to normalize nerve and muscle function.

GyneStim Trophic Pelvic Floor Stimulator

An advanced development in a small, lightweight neuromuscular electrical stimulator (E-stim) for clinic and home use containing five programs. The programs mimic the natural nerve-muscle communication associated with bladder control.

GyneStimBullit - Read More Read More

ELPHA II 3000 Nerve and Muscle Stimulator

Portable two-channel muscle stimulator. Individual channel control and a range of available stimulation modes ensure optimum and effective therapy.

Neuro - 4  - Replaced by GyneStimTM

Portable four-channel trophic muscle stimulator. Available with 16 different treatment cards for a range of physiotherapy applications.  Ideal as a personal home trainer. With the Pelvic Floor treatment card, the Neuro-4 includes three programs:

  • for flaccid muscle,

  • for muscle strengthening

  • for E-Stim assisted muscle contractions

ISIS ETS-290 Continence Stimulator  Replaced by GyneStimTM

Portable dual channel muscle stimulator. Simplified controls are specifically designed for incontinence therapy. Three automatic sequential frequency programs and manual mode.

ISIS Femetone Replaced by GyneStimTM

The Femetone stimulator is an advanced development in a small, lightweight neuromuscular electrical stimulator.
Price $139.00 Canadian

ISIS Femtone Trophic Continence Stimulator Bullit - Read More Read More



Precise Pelvic Floor Assessment plus Biofeedback.

Peritron Bullit - Read More  Read More

Home Trainer Systems

Patients can enhance the effectiveness of biofeedback therapy by continuing the exercises at home, between clinic sessions. After completion of a clinical treatment series, patients can maintain muscle tone more effectively by using a home trainer.



Weighted vaginal cones have been proven to be effective in strengthening pelvic muscles and maintaining muscle tone.
Price: $49.00 Canadian


Pelvic floor exerciser using pressure biofeedback. Patients use the P.F.X. to monitor progress.  Instruction manual includes a self-teaching program. Using the P.F.X. is the best way to learn and practice Kegel exercises.
Price $145.00 Canadian


InCare Sensors image

For EMG, E-Stim and manometry

InCare Sensor


Vaginal sensor. Single patient, multiple use.

Femelex  Bullit - Read More Read More

SRS Elan, type SenseRx for Biofeedback and E-Stim

Perry SensorsBullit - Read More Read More

  • Femelex standard vaginal sensor.  Single patient, multiple use.

  • 4509-TS Sense Rx vaginal sensor. Single patient. Multiple use.

  • 4510C Sense Rx anal sensor.  Single patient, multiple use.

  • Mediwatch vaginal sensor.  Multi-use; sterilizable  Cable extra.

  • DMI vaginal sensor.  Single patient, multiple use.  (EMG and E-Stim).

  • 6340 MB-A anal sensor.  Single patient, multiple use (EMG and E-Stim).

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Teaching Models and Manikins

Teaching Models and Manikins for Incontinence Therapy

Excellent patient teaching aids for urologists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, urology nurses and continence advisors.

ZKK-269-M        Pelvic Model   Bullit - Read More  Read More

Cancer Self Evaluation Models

These models are designed to make teaching self examination more effective.

Breast model       Testes model Testimonial Letter  Bullit - Read More  Read More

Books and Tapes

In Control Again, A Personal Workbook, 3rd Edition
The Reeducation of Pelvic Floor Muscles

By Dianna R. MacDonald, P.T.
120 Pages.  Includes treatment plan, progress sheets, exercise instructions and a bladder diary.
Price:  $18.00 each or $16.00 for 5+

Womens Waterworks - Curing Incontinence

Revised Edition by Dr. Pauline Chiarelli, PT
60 Pages.  Helping patients to understand and treat their bladder problems.
Price:  $13.50 Canadian or $5.50 for 10+

          Womans Waterworks

Treating Urinary Incontinence
A Guide to Behavioural Methods for Patients and Caregivers

Includes VHS video tape or DVD, 17 minutes, a Guide to Behavioral Treatment Methods for Patients and Caregivers, 14 page booklet and a Voiding Diary.
Use this to complement your patient teaching.  Patients will remember what they see.

Price:  $69.00 Canadian or $59.50 for 10+

VHS tape - Treating Urinary Incontinence

Aquaflex Instructional Video,
VHS, 15 minutes

Illustrates the techniques for using the Aquaflex weighted cone system. 
Answers frequently asked questions.
Price $10.00 Canadian when purchased with Aquaflex set.

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