PFX - II Pelvic Floor Exerciser
  • Washable latex-free rubber sensor
  • Large easy-to-see indicating dial
  • Sensitive pressure sensor
  • Responds to even small changes in muscle force
  • Both vaginal and anal versions available
  • Zeroing adjustment
  • Flexible plastic pressure tube
  • Conforms to a wide range of muscle fitness levels
  • Convenient plastic carrying case Self-teaching instructions

                     PFX -II

Now the popular PFX Pelvic Floor Exerciser is better than ever.  The new model PFX-II includes a zero-adjusting control for measuring resting muscle tone.  With your own personal PFX-II you can quickly learn to do pelvic floor exercises (Kegel's) correctly.

Both resting and active strength are important for bladder control.  By exercising with the PFX, you will know that you are exercising correctly and effectively.  It is an important confidence builder as muscle strength gradually increases daily and bladder control is restored.

The PFX is a modern version of the original pressure perineometer which was developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel.  All of Dr. Kegel's patients in his continence clinic used the perineometer to effectively exercise and strengthen their pelvic muscles.  The self teaching instruction booklet includes all of the information needed to use the PFX effectively.


9121V      PFX-II-V Pelvic Floor Exerciser Kit, with vaginal sensor, all complete
9121A      PFX-II-A Pelvic Floor Exerciser Kit, with anal sensor, all complete
2005        Vaginal sensor
3010        Anal sensor
2021        Connecting tube for vaginal sensor
3020        Connecting tube for anal sensor

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Image PFX-II Pelvic Floor Exerciser Brochure (pdf)

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