Teaching Models and Manikins
for Pelvic Floor and Therapy

You can expect better compliance from your patients when they have a good understanding of their specific condition. By using a life-like model of the pelvis, you can more effectively explain  the pathology involved.

Add to the professional appearance of your clinic and be assured that your patients will remember your explanations. Save time in showing the function of the muscles, nerves and connective tissue.

These high quality models are excellent patient teaching aids for urologists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, urology nurses and continence advisors.

For teaching manual assessment techniques and palpation, a full-size manikin will give your students a consistent model. It is ideal  for quantifying the muscular strength which is essential for maintaining continence. 

Students can practice repeatedly until they develop the needed skills.  As well refresher courses in clinical practice are more practicable to organize, more meaningful for the students and easier to present.

ZKK-269-M Pelvis with Ligaments, Nerves and Floor MusclesZKK-269-M

Pelvis with Ligaments, Nerves and Floor Muscles


A life size bony female pelvis showing the ligaments and the main nerves, with a removable two-part pelvic floor.

  • It has detailed and dissectible pelvic floor with clearly visible nerves.
  • Carefully coloured flexible material comprising genitalia, muscles, nerves and ligaments.
  • Distinct pelvic floor representation.
Composite pelvis and pelvic floorZKK-267-A 

Composite Pelvis and Pelvic Floor
A complete life size female pelvis of synthetic bone-like material.
  • It has a detailed and dissectible pelvic floor.
  • Carefully coloured flexible material comprising genitalia and muscles.
  • Distinct pelvic floor representation.
ZKK-270-D Dorey Male Pelvis and Pelvic FloorZKK-270-D

Dorey Male Pelvis and Pelvic Floor

This model has been developed under the supervision of Grace Dorey MSc MCSP, who is internationally known for her work on the male pelvic floor.

  • It has a detailed and dissectible pelvic floor in carefully coloured flexible material.
  • The pelvis separates into three parts.
  • There is a removable section of the bladder with prostate and seminal vesicle.
  • The muscle layers are in two parts and include the pubococcygeus, iliococcygeus, puborectalis, ishchiocavernosus, bulbocavernosus muscles and the anal sphincter.

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