Peritron 9300 Perineometer
Precise Pelvic Floor Assessment

Peritron 9300 perineometer



With both vaginal and anal probe capability, Peritron 9300 Perineometers offer clinicians and researchers extended possibilities for the assessment and treatment of conditions of the pelvic floor. Applications include bladder control, unstable bladder and pelvic pain.

  • accurate, numerical readout in cm water for measuring the strength of pelvic floor contractions
  • super-responsive biofeedback for teaching pelvic floor exercises.


    • Accurate, zero-based reading in centimetres water pressure for recording, reporting and analysis.
    • Press the button to recall the peak and average pressures for the contraction.

      The once per second display update simplifies the production of pressure profiles. This picture of a contraction can be useful for analysis and helpful for client education.

Zero-based readout plus highest sensitivity at low readings means Peritron detects the weakest contractions. This ability to respond to early 'flickers' speeds the teaching of pelvic floor exercises (Kegel excercises). For increased versatility there are 99 sensitivity ranges for biofeedback.

The modest price of the vaginal sensor and its connecting tube means that your clients will be able to acquire their own at the first consultation. The sensor may be used without inflation. However, when air-inflated after insertion the sensor offers a larger, firmer surface. A standard inflation pressure will provide a constant base line for readings. The optional probe collar controls the depth of insertion. This simplifies teaching and is recommended when repeatability is important, e.g. during clinical investigations. Your client's Peritron sensor may be used with the PFX exerciser and vice versa.

Vaginal sensor for Perineometer

With hygiene and biocompatibility primary considerations, the anal sensor is made with a seamless silicone rubber sheath. It is straightforward to introduce, self locating, comfortable for the user and delivers sensitive and repeatable readings. No electricity, no water, no mess.

The Peritron measures the strength of pelvic floor contractions by sensing the pressure of air in the vaginal or anal sensor.  Pressure is displayed numerically in centimetres of water or as an analog bar graph for biofeedback training. Numeric readout is updated every 0.6 seconds — the bar graph, ten times per second. Battery powered Peritron requires no user adjustments or calibration.

Numerical Readout 0 - 300 cm water
Resolution 0.1 cm water
Operating Temperature Range: 10 - 30 125° C
Accuracy < 0.7 cm water
Display liquid crystal 3.5 digits 12.7 mm high with indicator for battery low
Biofeedback Readout progressively illuminating bars
Sensitivity Range 1 - 99
Audio variable tone

Auto-off after 34 minutes of no activity
Battery 2 x AA cells - life 10 hours with audio on
Vaginal Sensor 26 - 28 mm diameter, 55 mm active surface - with seamless, thin-wall medical grade silicone rubber sheath.  Air inflatable to approx 40 mm diameter.
Anal Sensor 15 -19 mm diameter, 30 mm active surface - with seamless medical grade silicone rubber sheath. 
Warranty 12 months


  9300 V Peritron in case with vaginal probe, connecting tube, handbook
  9300 A Peritron in case with anal probe, connecting tube, handbook.  (If vaginal capability required also - order probe 2005 and tube 2141)
  2005 Spare vaginal sensor (suits PFX and Peritron) Single patient, multiple-use.
  2141 80 cm tube for vaginal sensor with inflation tee and one way valve
  2011 Collar for vaginal sensor
  3010 Anal sensor - Single patient, multiple-use
  3040 80 cm connecting tube for anal sensor. Single patient, multiple use.


  • accurate assessment
  • sensitive biofeedback

Peritron sensors have been designed for sensitive response, high biocompatibility and hygiene.

- long pressure-sensitive surface ensures correct positioning — every time
- air inflatable for a larger, firmer surface
- hygienic - seamless contact surface
- single patient,multiple use
- optional collar for repeatable depth of insertion

- self locating
- hygienic - seamless contact surface

- single patient, multiple use

Peritron 9300V Kit

      Peritron 9300V Kit

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