BIOMATION supplies biofeedback, muscle stimulation and related therapy products for treating dysfunctions of the pelvic floor. We have the widest selection of products for bladder control and pelvic therapy available anywhere. We supply both professional equipment for clinical use, and personal use therapy aids for home training.

BIOMATION can supply a full range of instrumentation and supplies, according to your needs, to make your assessment and treatment tasks progress easier and faster. All instruments are the best available in their price range for treating bladder leakage, unstable bladder, pelvic pain and for related applications. Patients diagnosed with interstitial cystitis will benefit from these techniques.

The Neuro-4 and ELPHA II 3000 Stimulators are also ideal for general physiotherapy applications.

If you are seeking products for yourself or for a family member, see our Home Trainer Section under Products. Browse through the information and the product description. We are happy to discuss your needs and send information. If possible, discuss your options with your doctor, physiotherapist or nurse continence advisor to decide which product is best for you.

A recommendation or prescription from a health care provider is preferable but not always necessary before we can send out any instruments. Most of our Home Trainers and E-Stim Products are available for monthly rental.

We can supply further information on our products, courses and services. Contact us to order products or to arrange for a demonstration. Our toll free customer support number is
1-888-667-2324. Outside of Canada and USA, call 613-256-2821

Our Quality Management System is in place to ensure quality products and the best possible customer service.

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