Information on Incontinence

If you are suffering from involuntary urine leakage or bladder instability, you should know that Incontinence is Treatable. Browse through our web site to see the products that are available, and then make an appointment with a physiotherapist or nurse continence advisor having the clinical biofeedback equipment to treat your condition effectively. Many community hospitals and physiotherapist clinics offer a urotherapy clinic for pelvic muscle retraining. Your doctor or public health office can help in locating a therapist.

There are several different options for seeking treatment.

If you want to try self-treatment, you will achieve much better results by using one of our home trainer products. A set of Aquaflex vaginal cones, a PFX or a muscle stimulator can make a big difference for home therapy! Contact us to place an order

If you are a physiotherapist or nurse, there may be a pressing need for these services in your community. You CAN set up an effective Incontinence Clinic.

By offering a range of treatment options, the Physiotherapy Approach is highly effective in treating bladder problems whether light bladder leakage (LBL), unstable bladder or mixed incontinence.

With an Equipment Recommendation (Prescription) from your doctor or therapist, many extended medical insurance plans will pay for needed exercisers and home trainers. 
We have a form that you can use:
 Printable Equipment Recommendation Form

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Incontinence Resources:

Best-Practice Clinic Guideline

A multi-disciplinary committee of clients, gynecologists, urologists, family practitioners, physiotherapists and nurse continence advisors in Canada has produced a best-practice guideline for assessing and treating urinary incontinence. A summary of the guideline, published by the Canadian Continence Foundation, is presented as flowchart. A key feature is that for all cases of Stress/Mixed/and Urge Incontinence, pelvic floor therapy in the form of environmental and lifestyle interactions, pelvic floor muscle training (Kegel exercises), bladder retraining is the first treatment, and occurs before considering pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Thanks goes to the Canadian Continence Foundation for undertaking this study and making the results freely available.

  • Initial management of UI flowchart: Click here

  • To participate, complete and submit the questionnaire: Click on the following links English or French

  • The Actionable Urinary Function Screening Questionnaire: Click here