In Control Again

A Personal Workbook 
Third Edition

The Re-education of Pelvic Floor Muscles
By Dianna R. MacDonald, RPT

This practical workbook is used by the author to provide her clients with educational material and written guidelines during and after a course of physiotherapy treatment for urinary incontinence.

In Control Again



This 120 page workbook has been found to be a most helpful adjunct in the treatment of pelvic floor re-education.


  • planning sheets for programs goals
  • do's and don'ts of pelvic floor exercises
  • basic pelvic floor exercise program
  • functional use of pelvic floor muscles
  • bladder training
  • definitions for commonly used medical terms
  • diagrams of the pelvic floor
  • a description of normal function of the pelvic floor
  • pre and post treatment symptom data sheet
  • self-assessment techniques for pelvic floor muscles
  • bladder diary
  • bowel diary
  • dietary information
  • additional functional exercises
  • functional suggestions for a lifetime plan of pelvic floor health
  • diary of urine loss sheets
  • space for clients to write notes and / or questions


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