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Incontinence can be Cured!

Incontinence is an embarrassing and disturbing problem. Now it can easily be treated at home. The FemiScan Home Trainer™ is a treatment device, developed in close co-operation with gynecologists, for conditioning the muscles of the pelvic floor.

The FemiScan Home Trainer and the exercise programs that come with it have been developed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and help in the treatment of incontinence. Studies have shown that eight out of ten cases are cured with the right kind of exercises.

As many as 80% of women suffering from stress and mixed incontinence get relief by doing regular muscle exercises to strengthen and improve control of the muscles of the pelvic floor. The strength of these muscles also has a positive effect on their sex life.

The Significant Role of the Pelvic Floor

Incontinence is often due to a weakening of the muscles of the pelvic floor. On average 20% of 35-55 year-old women suffer from incontinence. The muscles of the pelvic floor are weakened by pregnancy and giving birth, and by hormonal changes occurring with age.

Being overweight as well as one-sided physical effort also strain the pelvic floor. The result can be a loss of bladder control which leads to embarrassing "accidents" in unexpected situations. Incontinence is generally associated with physical effort, for example, lifting heavy objects, laughing or coughing. This kind of incontinence, in which the strength of the pelvic floor muscles plays a significant role, is called stress or mixed incontinence and accounts for 65% of all cases. The FemiScan Home Trainer is also effective for treating light bladder leakage (LBL), unstable bladder and pelvic pain.

Diagram - Pelvic floor
Diagram of weakening pelvic floor muscles


The FemiScan Home Trainer is battery-operated. It is easy and hygienic to use. The cover is removable and intended for personal use only. It is easy to keep the Home Trainer clean at home.

The treatment schedule programmed into its memory guides the user in the daily performance of the muscle exercises. It also provides immediate and clearly-worded feedback on the activation level and relaxation of the muscles. All the user has to do is to put on the headphones, press the button and follow the instructions.

The FemiScan Home Trainer automatically keeps a daily record of the treatment, or treatment diary, which can be downloaded a the clinic and analyzed in graphic form using the FemiScan software.

 FemiScan probe coverFemiScan progress chartFemiScan Progress Chart

Tried and Tested

The FemiScan Home Trainer is the end-product of years of research and development in close cooperation with experts in the treatment of incontinence. It can be used to help prevent muscles from weakening or in conjunction with rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles after giving birth.

The treatment programs have been planned together with experts in the field. The effectiveness of FemiScan has been tested in carefully controlled trials in Finland and in Japan. Using the FemiScan Home Trainer has no known side-effects.

Diagram using probe
Diagram using the FemiScan probe

A Complete Treatment

The purpose behind this treatment device is to enable incontinence to be treated at home. The FemiScan Home Trainer continually guides the user with clear commands. Its use is enhanced when FemiScan is employed under the guidance of a doctor, physiotherapist or nurse.

Treatment by the patient herself with immediate biological feedback has been shown to be the most effective way to rehabilitate the muscles of the pelvic floor. In a patient satisfaction survey carried out by the Kuopio Universities Hospital, the majority of women who had used the FemiScan Home Trainer were ready to recommend the treatment to their friends.

Most incontinence suffers have never sought treatment of any kind and are unaware of the possible treatments available. In such cases they usually resort to using sanitary pads and the costs are a continuing financial burden.

Femiscan home trainer
FemiScan Home Trainer

Users Tell their Stories

Users have been very satisfied with the whole idea of FemiScan treatment and with the results.


Some comments from the patient satisfaction survey:

  • "Because of my own laziness I would have liked to keep the FemiScan Home Trainer for my own personal use. Motivation and the results already achieved tended to fall after the end of the guided exercise program. The commands are spot-on and easy to carry out.
  • "Without the FemiScan treatment I would never have achieved such good results!"
  • "I would like to emphasize that this treatment saves on medicines and money — good!"
  • "This is a natural way to treat incontinence — very modern!"
  • "At last, somebody has noticed…"
  • "The treatment with FemiScan liberated me from incontinence problems and inspired me to carry on with exercises on my own."
  • "The period of treatment with FemiScan should be repeated every year."

The Treatment in Practice

FemiScan treatment typically takes 1-3 months.When used regularly it begins to have an effect after a few weeks. Only regular tratment guarantees a good result.

At first the treatment consists of brief contraction exercises 2 – 3 times a day for 3 – 4 days a week. Treatment should initially be gradual to ensure positive progress.

Clinical trials

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