Meeting Special Patient Challenges with Mega FemiScan System

for Pelvic Floor Therapy

With FemiScan you can progress all of your patients quickly and effectively, with documented outcome measures 

To grow your pelvic therapy caseload, your program must be both comprehensive and effective. Referring physicians need to know that you will be able to treat all of the patients referred for stress and urge incontinence, unstable bladder, light bladder leakage and pelvic pain and that you will do an intake assessment to establish whether or not each new patient is a suitable candidate for your treatment program. FemiScan is the ideal clinical system for this purpose.

FemiScan has proven to be a full-featured system for meeting these needs. With FemiScan you can effectively treat many types of problem cases. You can easily meet the following challenges, and more, with your FemiScan system.  Results are great!

FemiScan system in a hospital setting`



A challenge to motivate
With the large bright computer display of muscle activity, shown in Figure 1, the patient can easily see the results of her efforts. With the convenient computer-generated voice prompts in the FemiScan Inco Trainer, you can direct your attention towards encouraging and assisting the patient during the therapy session.  Compliance is high!


Figure 1
. At the Arnprior General Hospital, FemiScan is a key component of the urotherapy program, conducted by Cheryl Dalbec, RN.

Muscle recruitment difficulties
Patients often can exercise more effectively while standing. With the Inco Trainer, your patient can be either supine or standing – whichever is best. Figure 2 shows FemiScan equipped with two monitors – one for the patient and one for the therapist. The optional patient monitor is on a swivel or wall bracket. The main therapist's monitor is mounted on a wheeled cart that you can position as needed. You can maintain eye contact with the patient and watch the monitor at the same time for maximum teaching effectiveness. Learning the correct exercise technique has never been so easy. 

Patient who cannot find the right muscles
Two large bright light bars on the computer monitor show muscle recruitment. This is ideal for training. As well, you can select a line graph which shows contraction speed and steadiness.

Difficult to keep motivated
With the follow-up reports, you can show the progress achieved to date and how close she is to achieving continence. This is important; it is essential to keep motivation high.

Bilateral imbalance
Many cases of urinary incontinence are due to a weakness on only one side which leads to an imbalance and urethral closure problems. FemiScan's unique 2-channel sensor shows each side separately. You can encourage the patient to exercise until both sides are working well and teach the patient to recruit both sides evenly.

Fig 2. Nurse continence therapist Cheryl Dalgit teaches pelvic floor strengthening exercises.   


Complete atrophy
The same FemiScan Incotrode covers are used for both biofeedback and stimulation to normalize neuromuscular function. You can prescribe an ETS-290 trophic pelvic stimulator home trainer or ELPHA II 3000 muscle and nerve stimulator for a few weeks to enliven atrophied muscle, help to proliferate nerve endings and increase blood flow. The pelvic muscles will then be more receptive to biofeedback training with the FemiScan Inco Trainer. You can do a short muscle stimulation session before or after each biofeedback session, if appropriate.





Figure 2
Nurse continence therapist Cheryl Dalbec teaches pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises with great results.

Unable to make frequent clinic visits
With the FemiScan Home Trainer, your patients can practice daily at home using the personalized protocol you have developed with the Inco Trainer, according to the patient's progress and abilities. Patients sometimes neglect their assigned daily exercises, but, with the Home Trainer, compliance is high. The patient follows the verbal instructions and feedback. You can see the results of each day's exercises on the computer and can discuss these with the patient. You can also prescribe a set of Aquaflex cones, a muscle stimulator or a PFX home unit, depending on the patient's needs and circumstances.

Thus with FemiScan you can progress all of your patients quickly and effectively, with documented outcome measures.


Meeting Special Patient Challenges Brochure (pdf)

FemiScan compared to other Pelvic Floor biofeedback systems.

FemiScan PDF file showing details for Clinical and Home Trainer set-up  (this is a large file - 1MB)

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