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evadri bladder control system  

Bladder Control System®

Rediscover Bladder Control

The Hollister evadri System® provides pelvic floor therapy that is a safe, well-tolerated treatment for urinary and fecal incontinence, unstable bladder, and pelvic pain using combination of biofeedback and electrical stimulation.

The treatment approach offered with the Hollister evadri System® helps empower patients to regain control, enabling them to lead normal lives through retraining the pelvic muscles associated with bladder function. After this type of treatment, 78% of women felt that bladder control problems no longer restricted their activities.

Since 1989, Hollister/UroMed has led the way in providing this type of effective continence treatment for regaining bladder control.

The evadri Bladder Control System® is the most comprehensive pelvic floor therapy system on the market. It includes the evadri clinic system and the Microgyn plus home unit.

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evadri pelvic floor therapy system

Proven Therapy - The Most Comprehensive Pelvic Floor Therapy System on the Market!

Four Treatment Modalities

1. Electrical Stimulation

2. Surface EMG Biofeedback

3. Interactivity EMG Biofeedback

4. Pressure Manometry


Features Include:

  • Dual channel EMG including surface and interactivity options
  • Adjustable colours and screen configurations to help optimize patient understanding and participation in biofeedback
  • Therapist screen and patient screen for optimal viewing
  • Two channels of pressure manometry
  • Six frequencies of electrical stimulation for customized care
  • In-depth reporting and documentation capabilities
  • Broad range of accessories and sensors
  • All sensors are single-patient, multiple use, with attached cable
  • All-in-one metal rolling unit for easy mobility
  • One-year warranty

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  Evadri system back view Evadri probe Notebook computer for operator control Patient training display Evadri biofeedback module Isolation power supply Large ball-bearing wheels

Evadri System
Back View

evadri Sensor

Notebook Computer
for Operator Control

Patient Training display
on Swivel Support

evadri Biofeedback

Isolation Power Supply,
 UL listed

Large Ball-Bearing
Wheels, Locking

New evadri systems are no longer manufactured; however a full range of sensors and replacement computers are available for your evadri clinic system. 
Evadri is replaced by FemiScan.  InCare Microgyn Plus is replaced by ELPHA II 3000.


® Hollister, InCare are trademarks of Hollister Incorporated

® Evadri, Microgyn Plus are trademarks of UroMed Technology, Inc.

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