Trophic Pelvic Floor Stimulator

Pelvic Floor Stimulator

Recommended for the Treatment of:

  • Stress incontinence
  • Stress / Urge mixed incontinence 
  • Unstable bladder
  • Incontinence post-prostatectomy
  • Symptom free pelvic floor weakness
  • Loss of normal vaginal sensation
  • First degree prolapse


The ISIS ETS 290 Stimulator is no longer manufactured.

It has been replaced by the GyneStim.


  • Selectable frequency muscle tone and muscle strengthening program
  • Sequential frequency muscle activation
  • Touch button controls
  • Both vaginal and anal electrodes available
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Display of settings

The ISIS ETS 290 is an advanced development in neuromuscular electrical stimulation for home and clinic. The programs mimic the natural nerve and muscle communication associated with continence control. With its simple push-button controls, it is especially easy to use at home.

Conditions of stress and urge a incontinence often coexist with bladder instability, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain to varying degrees. There are many advantages of using trophic stimulator. The ETS 290 produces multiple reflex effects, including restoring urinary control and treating an overactive detrusor. Improvements in urethral closure are a progression towards complete bladder control. Unlike other dedicated electrical stimulators, the ETS 290 incorporates both automatic sequential and manual single frequency selection modes; this enables the therapist, continence adviser or doctor to more effectively treat and target specific symptoms.

In AUTOMATIC PROGRAM MODE, the muscle is activated through a series of different levels of metabolic activity, from aerobic to voluntary assisted maximum contractions, ending the cycle with a cooling off phase. 

Automatic Sequential Frequency Programs
1. Strengthening weak muscles 40 minutes
2. Active muscle exercise 25 minutes
3. Activating weak atrophied muscles 60 minutes

In MANUAL MODE, the therapist may select the stimulation parameters, as needed, according to the muscle response and performance levels as rehabilitation proceeds.  Normally, just one of the stimulation channels is used. The ETS 290 can be used with surface electrodes, if needed using both stimulation channels.


The ISIS ETS 290 Includes:   Additional Accessories:
  • ETS 290 Stimulator
  • S30 ISIS Femelex Vaginal Probe
  • S95 ISIS Electrode Lead Wire, Package of 2
  • Packet of lubricating gel
  • C20B ISIS Soft Carry Case, rugged nylon, blue
  • Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • MW1 - ISIS Sterilizeable Vaginal Probe
  • 1/06 - ISIS Internal Vaginal Probe
  • 1/07 -ISIS Internal Anal Probe

ISIS ETS 290 Specifications

  • Dual channel
  • Asymmetrical bi-phasic net zero DC
  • 80 milli-amps amplitude, max
  • Multi mode operation
  • Automatic sequential frequencies
  • Manual override
  • On cycle 1 to 30 seconds
  • Off cycle 1 to 45 seconds
  • Pulse width 10 to 350 microseconds
  • Frequencies 5 to 40 pulses per second
  • Amplitude displayed by light bar
  • Frequency display
  • Compliance meter - total time and number of uses
  • Low battery indicator
  • 9 volt alkaline battery

Treating Urinary Incontinence with the ETS 290 Trophic Stimulator

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